My Story

For years, I knew that I was called, but I wasn’t sure what I was called to and I had no idea what my purpose was. There was, however, one thing I did know: I didn’t want to waste my life pursuing the world’s expectations and standards for me. I knew I wanted to live a life aligned with God’s purpose and plan for me. So right after college graduation, I entered into a period of fasting and prayer, where I asked the Lord to reveal my purpose to me.

Through that period of fasting, prayer, and obedience, He revealed to me my purpose: to inspire and motivate women to live purpose-driven lives and my calling as a Life Coach. That revelation me to quit my master’s program a semester shy of finishing to pursue coaching full-time. Since then, I have been inspiring and coaching hundreds of women to uncover their purpose and design a life that they and God love, just as I am designing mine.

 I believe…  

  • That purpose can be discovered and live out now. You don’t have to put it off until later. You can choose to live a purposeful, successful, and fulfilling life right now.

  • That success is more about stewardship that accumulating all the things. I’m after eternal rewards and recognition.

  • That you can curate a successful career that highlights your design, infuses your passion, utilizes your preparation, and spurs you on in your calling.

  • That it is possible to live a fun, amazing, life that is in alignment with God plan and also simultaneously fulfills your greatest desires.

  • That life is well spent when it is lived fully in submission and surrender to God’s plan and purposes.

5 Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m 51% INFJ and 49% ENFJ— makes sense that I always felt like an ambivert and strong Enneagram 1 Wing 2.

  • My first love was fashion! I always wanted to work in the world of fashion. I received a few scholarships from some top organizations in New York. I even pursued a masters in Consumer, Apparel, Retail Studies but apparently God had other plans.

  • My background is in psychology. I studied at the illustrious Howard University…even though I had a delirious moment when Spelman was my first choice. Clearly I made the best decision. ;)

  • I believe that I missed my third calling in musical theatre and performing arts. I definitely belong on Broadway…or Glee. Same difference.

  • My dream place to live is back in DC. Living there birthed a sense of wonder. It made me crave adventure and culture. I try to find pockets of DC everywhere I go.

5 Ways I’m Designing My Life Right Now

  • Designing my experience in Atlanta. I’m still fairly new here and I’m looking forward to cultivating my community here.

  • Designing my marriage. A marriage goes beyond the wedding, and I’m navigating this new season as a newlywed.

  • Designing my business. I went in to business because I wanted to create opportunities for myself and other women to walk in purpose and freedom. Every day the vision is getting clearer and the steps are becoming more direct.

  • Designing my relationships. I’ve really been working on developing consistent, fruitful friendships. I’m learning that the busier and older you get, the harder it becomes to find and maintain friendships, but the fruit here is worth it. We can’t do life alone.

  • Designing my faith. I saved the best for last. All of this means nothing if I’m not honoring the One who gave me life. Everything that I do, I want to make sure that I’m in His purposes and plan for my life.