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Culture tells us that purpose is something to be discovered later versus now. It’s reinforced through our education system that values knowledge and success over faith and purpose. We fill in the gap by helping women who experience the tension of curating successful careers and designing a purpose-driven life that is in alignment with God’s purpose and plan.

Our Mission is to Coach & Equip Every Woman to Know & Walk in the Fullness of her God-given purpose.

We are:

Moved by Mission

Fueled by Passion

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It all started with a Holy Conviction…

Hi, I’m Janelle!

In 2015, I had just graduated from Howard University, and moved to North Carolina to pursue my masters, in Consumer, Apparel, Retail studies. And although I was super passionate about what I was studying, I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was made for more. The only problem was that I had no idea what that “more” was.

And although I was young, I knew one thing for sure: I didn’t want to waste my time or life pursuing society’s standards, other people’s expectations of me, or my own selfish ambitions. I saw so many people trying to curate their own version of success without ever stopping to ask if it was in alignment with God’s purpose and plan for their lives. They didn’t believe that purpose was something to be found now. They believed that it was to be found later, after they built up successful careers and lives for themselves.

But I knew that wasn’t the life that God called me to live. I knew that in order to find true success and fulfillment, I would need to design a life that was in alignment with His purpose and plan for me. It was that conviction and curiosity that led me fast and pray about my God-given purpose and the Lord faithfully revealed it to me. At that moment, I realized that my purpose was in me all along. I didn’t have to go find it. It was already there, waiting to be uncovered. That day the Lord revealed to me the four core directions that point to our purpose and now I help women uncover the same and how they can channel them through their purpose to design a life that they and God love.


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The Life Designer University Model


We believe that a part from God you are nothing and can do nothing. We know that the key to designing and living a purpose-driven life is to live in total surrender and submission to Him. Therefore, every class and program is rooted in Him and His Word.


Life Designers are lifelong learners. But not the traditional learning you were taught in a university. We believe that true education transcends traditional ways of learning and thinking and equips you for every season of life, regardless of what path you pursue.


Here at Life Designer University we aren’t just learners but doers. We don’t just motivate, inspire, and educate, but coach you by creating personalized action plans and putting the accountability in place to create lasting change.


Be coached or participate in our classes anywhere in the world. Our coaching programs and online course extend beyond borders so anyone anywhere can design a life that they and God love.

The Life Designer University Difference

Our Coaching, content, and courses don’t just motivate and inspire, they transform the way women think and do life by helping them to understand the value of purpose, personal development, & self actualization and coaching them to make it happen.

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Every month we host a workshop to equip with you with the personal development training to grow in your purpose, maximize your potential, and achieve your goals. Register for our latest workshop.




Discover the Six Foundations of Purpose-Driven Living and be equipped with the personal development training to practically live out your purpose in every season of your calling journey.




Need clarity, strategy, & accountability to uncover your purpose, clarify your calling, and achieve your goals? Our private and group coaching programs are designed to give you high-level support & strategy to give you clarity, confidence, and direction in your life.