Life Designer University is an online coaching and educational platform that offers higher education for purpose-driven living. It is created to help you design a life that you and God love by coaching, educating and equipping you to uncover and walk in your God-given purpose. 


I am dedicated to serving Christian women who need coaching and education beyond a vocational degree or career, making it possible to walk in purpose, however God may lead them. I believe that traditional education is great, but only when you have a clear understanding of your purpose and how that education serves it. Using my educational background in psychology and coaching modalities, I’ve created an innovative and transformative approach to coaching and modern-day higher educational institutions to give you the coaching, education, and skills you need to uncover and walk out your purpose in every season of life.


My mission is simple: coach, educate, equip, and unleash you to uncover and walk in your God-given purpose so you can design a life that you and God love.


Flexibility Built Around Your Season & Purpose


From coaching programs, content, curriculum, and workshops, every facet of the University is designed with your purpose, goals, business, and season in mind.  That’s why I put you in control of your coaching and education, offering innovative and flexible coaching and learning options that let you choose what, how, and where you learn. I serve as your coach, advisor, and educator, working closely with you to understand your personal and coaching and learning needs. Together we will determine the most fitting path to your purpose and goals. 



1) Virtual Coaching Sessions & Classes 

 Get coached and educated 100% online from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy interactive live Life Classes, One-on-One & Group Coaching with our virtual meeting rooms and classrooms.

Meet with your Coach and Instructor from anywhere around the world to review action steps and assignments.

Experience inherently beautiful and intentionally designed course materials and collaborative tools that take your coaching and learnings to the next level.


    2) Compentency-based Life Map

    Know exactly which courses and resources that would support you in your God-given purpose, goals, or business? Our Life Map allows you to pick the programs that will specifically support your unique purpose.

    Leverage your knowledge and skills to speed what you already know. 

    Spend time on topics that will support you in purpose, goals, and business. 

    Move at your own pace according to the season you’re in. 

    Take as many mini courses as you want to take, all at one rate. 


    3) Individualized Tracks 

    Individualized Tracks provide access to coaching, education, and resources based on your financial ability.  This individualized approach to coaching and education allows you to create custom tracks that integrate technology and allows you to maximize your experience and pursue your purpose and goals affordably. 

    There are 4 Primary Tracks:

    1. Free Content & Resources
    2. Life Designer Academy
    3. One-one-Coaching
    4. Done-For-You Services


    This coaching and educational platform doesn’t force you to choose between high quality and flexibility. Life Designer University’s coaching and education gives you both, while equipping you with the skills you need to design a purpose-driven life. 


    I provide a full range of services:


    Whether you’re just getting started in your faith, business, or personal development, Life Designer University is there to serve you in all stages of life and business. Live life by design. Design a life that you and God love.


    Want to design your life right now? Enroll in Life Designer Academy today to get instant access to the foundational curriculum!