It’s Time to Design a Life That You and God Love

you know that God has called you...

but you’re having a hard time figuring out what you’re being called to.  You have likely asked the question: What is my God-given purpose? 

From the time you were young, you were taught that a degree and career were the only route to a successful life. As you left high school you were handed a catalog of careers to choose from in hopes that they will lead you to a promising career and plump paycheck.  You were told to find a job that would leave you stable and secure, and you did that — only to find yourself working in a job where you’re barely getting by and you’re just downright unfulfilled.


But deep down inside, you know there’s something more. 

God has given you a vision that’s bigger than you. Maybe even a vision to start a business. But to be honest, you’re overwhelmed and afraid because you know don’t what your purpose is and if this vision is really from Him. On top of that, you don’t believe that you even have the tools and resources to pursue your purpose and make this vision happen. You want to live life by design, but you’re not sure how.


That's where I come in.



Hey,girl, hey! My name is Janelle Brown. I'm a certified life & business coach, & the ceo of LIfe Designer University, and I've been there too.

For years, I knew that I was called, but I wasn’t sure what I was called TO and I had no idea what my purpose was. There was, however, one thing I did know — I had a vision to inspire and motivate women. I wanted women to be all that they could become in Christ, but I wasn’t sure if that was my purpose. So right after college graduation, I entered into a period of fasting and prayer, where I asked the Lord to reveal my purpose to me. And through that period of fasting, prayer, and obedience, He revealed to me that my purpose was to inspire and motivate women to live purpose-driven lives and that He was calling me to life coaching so that I could carry that purpose out. 


But it wasn’t that simple (of course) - I still had a lot of questions and a lot of doubts, “What does it look like to be a faith-based entrepreneur? How can I carry out my God-given business vision? How am I going to make this happen? How do I know if I really heard from God? How can I be sure that this is in fact my God-given purpose and assignment?”


And that’s when the Lord began to reveal to me that this wasn’t anything new. You see my purpose to “inspire and motivate women” has always been inside of me. In fact, from the time I was young, I was operating in my purpose without the awareness. Friends and family would always come to me for all things discipline, goal-setting, and time management. Leadership was an intrinsic quality of mine. And I’ve always had the God-given ability to draw out , encourage, and motivate other people to live life by design. He revealed to me that all of my gifts, talents, education, upbringing, and interest all served me for this central purpose. He was just waiting for me to come to Him so He could uncover it. 


From my experience of coaching clients one-on-one, I’ve discovered that God has designed us all in a similar fashion — He’s uniquely knitted together our gifts, talents, personalities, experiences, and even education to fit His overall purpose for our life.


You see, we were never meant to just live lackluster lives. We’re meant to live a life purpose, a life of design, a life that not only we love, but a life that God loves as well. I’m designing this kind of life, and I want to help you do the same. 


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