A Note From The Founder

Hi, I’m Janelle King. For years, I knew that I was called, but I wasn’t sure what I was called TO and I had no idea what my purpose was. There was, however, one thing I did know — I had a vision to inspire and motivate women. I wanted women to be all that they could become in Christ, but I wasn’t sure if that was my purpose. So right after college graduation, I entered into a period of fasting and prayer, where I asked the Lord to reveal my purpose to me. And through that period of fasting, prayer, and obedience, He revealed to me that my purpose was to inspire and motivate women to live purpose-driven lives and that He was calling me to life coaching so that I could carry that purpose out. 

After going through my own personal and spiritual development journey and coaching countless clients, I discovered that purpose wasn’t meant to be found, it was meant to be uncovered. Click here to learn more about my story and how you can uncover your purpose to.