Glow Get It Goal Setting Webinar

Glow Get It Goal Setting Webinar | Fearfully Fashioned #goalsetting #resolutions #FearfullyFashioned

We are in the final countdown of 2015! With that being said, what have you accomplished this year? Have you met your New Year’s resolutions, or did they fall to the wayside about 3 weeks into January?

Whether you have or haven’t accomplished your goals, it’s so important that we are actively pushing ourselves to grow and accomplish all that God has called us to do. My personal mantra is to always be growing and in pursuit of purpose. How do we move ourselves forward you ask?

It means that we are constantly pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. It means that we are disciplining our flesh and pushing past our emotions to get things done. It takes a special type of mindset to become disciplined in setting and accomplishing goals. That’s why I am doing a FREE webinar on goal setting on January 9th at 2pm EST.

Introducing the Glow Get It Goal Setting Webinar...

This webinar is all about nixing resolutions and setting attainable and realistic goals that will create lasting change. In this webinar we will go over :

  •  Procrastination and the Roots Cause of It.
  •  The Mindset Shift Needed to Overcome Procreating and Produce Lasting Change and..
  • How to Create S.M.A.R.T Goals

The webinar will be hosted January 9th at 2pm EST on Google Hangouts and their will be a Q&A period at the end. I’m so excited too see all that 2016 has to bring. With that being said, I have a HUGE surprise that I will be announcing at the end of the webinar, so make sure that you register so you’ll be in the loop! Click the button below to register!