The 95 Day Stride: How Will You Leave Your Mark on 2015?

The 95 Day Stride: How Will You Leave Your Mark on 2015? |Fearfully Fashioned #newyear #personaldevelopment #FearfullyFashioned

Can you all believe that fall has arrived and October is almost here?! I absolutely love the fall season, and not just because my birthday is October 11th! (Although that is a major contributing factor )! Anyways, I was recently watching Siobhan of Be Free Project on Periscope, and she reminded everyone that the year is rapidly coming to an end. There are only 95 days left until the New Year!! On one hand it’s exciting because 2016 will be a fresh start, but on the other hand that means that we only have 3 short months to reach our year end goals. With that being said, let’s talk about some ways that we can maximize the next three months to get a head start on 2016.


Fix your mind on one to two goals.

We only have three months left, so try not to stretch yourself to thin by accomplishing everything on your goal list. Hone in on one to two goals and commit to them. By focusing your attention on one thing, you will be able to accomplish way more in a shorter period of time.


Be intentional.

It’s one thing to write down a goal, but how are you intentionally pursuing it? Decide on what you want, and stop procrastinating on what you need to do in order to obtain it.


Take action.

Now that you have set your goal and you are being intentional, take action! It’s pointless to learn great information but not apply it. Be intentional and set aside a certain amount of hours each work to implement what you have learned.


You can rest assure that I am putting in the work necessary to move myself and my business forward in the next year. Let’s buckle down and see what we can accomplish before the New Year!


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What goal are you working on accomplishing before the New Year? Let me know in the comments below.