Why Your Job Isn’t Your Purpose and How You Can Find Yours

Why Your Job Isn't Your Purpose & How You Can Find Yours | Fearfully Fashioned

At the core of us, we all have something that pushes us forward. It consists of what lights us up and gives us passion. It’s what’s known as our calling aka our purpose. Your purpose is the thing that you are called to do. It’s what gives your life meaning and value. Your purpose is what equips you to go change lives and impact the world. Unfortunately, there are many of us who are confused about what our purpose is. 


The word purpose is defined as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” On the other hand a job is what you do as payment for employment. 

Some people believe that their purpose is their job. While in someways that can be true, I want to explain why it’s important to not confuse your purpose with your job. 


 A job is temporary, but your purpose remains the same. Regardless of what career you find yourself in, your purpose will always be the same. If your purpose is to encourage women through your testimony, you can accomplish that mission whether you are a psychologist, accountant, or a doctor. Your mission doesn’t change just because your job or career might.  


Your purpose is intrinsic to who you are, not your job. God takes who you are, your passions, and experiences to form your perfect plan. The plan was already conceived and fashioned when you took your first breath. Your purpose lives and breathes inside of you.


Unlike a job, you don’t have to find purpose. It’s already inside of you! Your purpose is produced out of your struggles, dreams, and desires. It’s all about becoming aware and tapping into how God wants to use you. You don’t have to search for it, it’s already there waiting for you to realize it. 


To fully understand and come into knowledge of what you were created to do you must get clear about who you are and what you are passionate about. 


Identify what you are most passionate about.

What lights you up? Where do you find your inspiration? Your passion is what will fuel your purpose.


Analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

Your strengths and weaknesses serve as the foundation of your purpose. Analyzing your strengths will allow you to identify how you can best serve people through your purpose, and your weaknesses will show you where you need to further your development. 


Examine your favorite activities.

Nine times out of ten you are already pursuing activities that are related to your purpose. 



Remove yourself from all distractions and pray that God will reveal and connect the pieces and give you clarity. The Creator always knows the blueprint of His work. 


If you’re having trouble discovering your purpose, don’t worry! It’s often revealed piece by piece. If you keep seeking, it will find you. Prepare yourself by being ready and open to receive whatever that purpose might be. 


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