3 Coaching Questions to Ask Yourself to Move You from Inaction to Action

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Many set goals, but only a few people have set their mind to actually achieving them. At this point, they don’t have a goal, but a dream because they haven’t taking action.


I’ve been in the dream state many times. I would dream of things I would like to do, but when it came to actually doing them, they were only good in essence because I wasn’t ready to commit them to action.  Sound familiar? 


Well, many people are in the same mind frame. According to research, a staggering 92% of people don’t reach their goals. That means that only 8% of people are achieving their goals. Only 8% of people are consistently taking action toward reaching their goals. And while we could blame people failing to take action as the reason why, there’s a bigger problem at hand — mindset. 


How we think — how we think about ourselves, our goals, even God— largely affects our results. I see it all the time when I’m coaching my one-on-one clients. Here is how it often works:


Oftentimes, there may be a circumstance that occurs that triggers a thought. Maybe that circumstance was that in school, you were always the last one picked for everything — games in gym, group assignments, friends. That circumstance triggered a thought that has stuck with you your whole life, “I’m not good enough.” That thought led you to feel inadequate and unqualified. Therefore, every time you go to work on a goal or an idea that you know is from the Lord, you procrastinate or don’t take any action at all, because deep down you think that you’re not good enough.


I use this model, known as the Self-Coaching Model with my one-on-one clients to break down their inactivity with their goals. Nine times out of ten, you’re not taking action on your goals just because you’re “tired” or “don’t have time.” It’s because of what you’re thinking, what you’re telling yourself. So before we can address the actions you’re taking, we need to address the mind. Here are 3 Coaching Questions to Ask Yourself to Move You from Inaction to Action. 


  1. What thoughts am I thinking that are preventing me from reaching my goals? Self-sabotage is a real thing, and because it’s second nature, we don’t realize that when we're doing it. But in order to break the cycle, awareness is the first step. How are your thoughts self-sabotaging your progress with your goals?

  2. Am I letting my feelings dictate my actions? Remember that feelings aren’t facts. Make a decision now that you will be led by the Spirit instead of your emotions. A big part of discipline is staying committed and consistent despite your emotions. When you make a decision to commit despite how you feel, your feelings will start to catch up to your actions. That’s when you’ll start seeing progress. 

  3. What is one thing I can do today that will lead me to accomplish my goals or vision? Vision always gives you direction. Don’t let the big picture trip you up. Instead of worrying about all that needs to happen between now and then, just take the next best step. Ask yourself what can I do today that will put me one step closer to my goals.


Oftentimes, it’s not our inactivity that is keep us from reaching our goals. It’s our thought process behind it. Get to the root of why you haven’t reached your goals by downloading this free worksheet that walks you through 3 Coaching Questions to Move You From Inaction to Action. 

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