5 Ways To Save More Money

5 Ways To Save More Money | Fearfully Fashioned #finance #personaldevelopment #FearfullyFashioned

If you're like me, I'm sure that you have some things that you have been wanting to save for or invest in. While I could wish up a money tree in the back of my yard for every little wish and want, the hard, cold reality is that I have to intentionally save for the things I want. Saving money is all about using delayed gratification to purchase the things you want and sometimes need. If we honored every selfish wish, we would all find ourselves broke and empty. The key to saving more money is all in your approach. What are your thoughts towards the money saving process? Are you looking at it begrudgingly because you are giving up impulse buys, or are you excited about using self-control and discipline to obtain the things you truly want?  Your ability to save or spend more money all lies within an intentional money mindset. These five tips will help you take intentional steps towards saving more money.


"Your ability to save or spend more money all lies within an intentional money mindset." 




If you are saving for something, you are more likely to stay disciplined when you have created a goal. Set an amount and time frame to save a specific amount of money. Once you have done that, keep a picture of what you're saving for nearby, so when you are tempted to buy that Kate Spade bag, you are motivated to not deviate from your goal.



If you aren’t disciplined enough to take out a set amount of savings each month, set up your direct deposit and automate your savings. If you want to to take it up a notch, set up your savings account with a secondary bank so your funds aren't as accessible when you go to take cash out. 



Avoid making that Panera or Starbucks run during your lunch break. You will save so much money when you buy your own groceries and meal prep for the week. Find time-saving and wallet-friendly meals on Pinterest.  You can even take 5 minutes in the morning to make your own coffee instead of wasting time and money in the Starbucks drive-thru. You don't always have to spend money on tasty meals and delicious coffee. 



There are so many Pinterest ideas and projects that there really isn’t an excuse for you not to try to make it before you buy it. From recipes and beauty treatments, to arts and crafts, if you can name it, you can DIY it.


resist temptation.

Give yourself a rule. Pass on it the first time, then if it continues to invade your dreams, pray about it. If God wants you to have it, He will give you peace about purchasing it. Doing this allows you to resist temptation and tame your flesh's desires.

I know that saving can be a challenging order, but we must learn to be a good steward over our finances. Having the self-control and discipline will allow you to tame your impulsive nature and invest in things that will last and not provide a temporary fix.

What are your money saving tips? Let me know in the comments below.