August 2017 PowerSheets Goals + New One-On-One Services

August 2017 Goals | Fearfully Fashioned -- Each month I share my intentional, good goals that I've created with my PowerSheets. See how I'm fashioning my life this month. Click to read now or pin to save for later. #goalsetting #PowerSheets #FearfullyFashioned

Happy August! I’m finally back from a much-needed break. If you’ve been keeping up with my past two PowerSheets posts, you know that I had taken a two-month sabbatical. For so long, I was working on building my blog and social media, but I forgot about the heartbeat of it all -- my coaching practice. My coaching practice is what allows Fearfully Fashioned to keep running, but for awhile it was playing second fiddle to my blog. I’m about a few months shy of completing my coaching certification, so I wanted to put all of my efforts into growing a strong foundation in this side of my business. With that being said, I spent the last two months creating two new one-on-one coaching programs: The Life Designer Coaching Program & the Visioneer Coaching Program.

The Life Designer Coaching Program is for women who want to go from being stuck to designing & living an intentional, purpose-driven life. This program is perfect for you if you:

  • Struggle with a poor mindset or negative thinking
  • You're unclear about your purpose
  • You want to learn how to become better disciplined in managing your time & pursuing your goals.
  • You have a hard time creating lasting habits and taking consistent action

This program walks you through exactly what you need to overcome self-sabotage, uncover your purpose, and take consistent action in designing a purpose-driven life that you and God love.

Now, if God has given you the vision to launch a blog, ministry, or business, the Visioneer Coaching Program is perfect for you.

The Visioneer Coaching Program is for women who want to launch and grow their God-given vision. If you've been letting feelings of doubt, inadequacy, and the lack of time, money, or resources keep you from pursuing your God-given vision, this program is for you. This program walks you through exactly what you need to write, cast, & pursue your God-given vision. You'll gain the clarity, confidence, & strategy to build a strong foundation, take consistent action, & manifest God-given success. For more information about both the Life Designer & Visioneer Coaching Program, learn more here. If you want to design a purpose-driven life and/or vision and you feel like one of these programs resonate with you, click the button below to book a complimentary clarity session with me.


July Recap

  1. Summer date night with Justin. We were so close to making this happen! We had planned to go to Six Flags the day they were doing discounted tickets, but we read the fine print wrong and got all the way to the park to get turned around. But the good thing is summer still isn’t over, so we have plenty of time to make this happen.

  2. Pursue peace and contentment during this season of hustle. It’s so crazy how persistent and intentional God is when He’s trying to teach us a lesson. Everything He led me to read these two months has been about peace, patience, simplicity, and rest during this season of waiting. I think that the biggest lesson that I’ve learned was from Lara Casey’s newest book Cultivate. She encourages that we can do our best to cultivate, but it’s God who makes things grow. He’s the Master Gardener. Therefore, on my business PowerSheets my encouraging words for the month are, “So neither is the one who plants nor the one who waters anything, but [only] God who causes the growth.” - 1 Corinthians 3:7

  3. Create a Postable account to stay connected to friends. Reflecting on this progress just reminded me that I still have a few friends that need to be added to my address book, but most of my friends are uploaded in Postable and ready to go.

  4. Pay off Federal Tax. 3/4ths of the way there!

  5. Stick to my monthly budget. I’ve been really intentional about pruning my finances, but I still have some ways to go. Choosing grace over guilt here.

  6. Register for True Talk. True Talk was last Friday and it was amazing! Pastor Summer talked about having faith for what we can’t see, and it wrecked my soul. It was just what my soul needed.

  7. Register for True Conference. Done!

  8. Set up a girls’ night with my younger cousins. I didn’t realize that one of my cousins would be going out of town this past month, so I’m looking to set this up sometime this month.

  9. Read Cultivate. This book was so encouraging and life-giving. It reminded me to cultivate contentment while God grows the good things in my life. Grab your copy here!

  10. Finish Fruitful Friendships Guide. This goal wasn’t originally included in July’s PowerSheets blog post. I ended up adding it shortly afterward to remind me to be intentional in cultivating friendships here in Atlanta.

August Goals


Monthly Goals:

August 2017 Goals | Fearfully Fashioned -- Each month I share my intentional, good goals that I've created with my PowerSheets. See how I'm fashioning my life this month. Click to read now or pin to save for later. #goalsetting #PowerSheets #FearfullyFashioned

1) Intentionally celebrate Justin’s birthday


2) Cultivate new & old friendships*


3) Buy baby shower gifts for Alma & Marissa


4) Send parents’ anniversary card


5) Pay off Federal Tax*


6) Pay off LOFT card


7) Stick to my monthly budget*


8) Implement healing plan

One of my goals this year is to cultivate healthier habits. Since moving here to Atlanta, my health has been thrown off; and with me having digestive issues for the last for years and going back and forth to gastroenterologists, I decided that it is finally time for me to see a naturopathic doctor. Unlike most doctors, naturopathic doctors focus on natural and holistic medicine and healing techniques to get to the root of medical problems. I was tired of seeing doctors who would just prescribe medicine to treat my symptoms. I’m ready to be fully healed, so I booked an appointment to see a naturopath the second week in August, and by the end of the appointment I should have a healing plan that is specifically tailored to my body and problem.

Weekly Goals:

1) Workout 3x a week*


2) Call & connect with family & friends*


3) Review budget & finances*


4) Pray through Val Marie Prayer Journal*


5) Rest*


6) Clean room

Daily Goals:

1) Read


2) Move for 15 mins +*


3) 94 oz of water*


4) No spending*


5) Be still*


August Books:

*= Goals from last month or recurring goals.

What are your monthly goals? Share them with me in the comments below!

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