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Getting Clear on Your Mission : The Key to Not Wasting Your Life or Your Time

I’ll never forget the summer of 2015 when God revealed to me my purpose. It was right after I graduated from Howard University, I moved to North Carolina to begin my Master’s program at UNC at Greensboro.

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Making Sense of Your God-Given Calling

Do you know your God-given calling but are having a hard time determining how you should carry it out? You’re not alone. We all have a unique, individual purpose with so many ways we can go about pursuing it. But with so many gifts, talents, and passions it can be hard to determine what’s best to pursue.

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The #1 Reason Why A Degree Will Never Be Enough

From the time we are young, we’re taught that education is the only way to have a thriving life. As we leave high school we’re handed a catalog of careers to choose from in hopes that they will lead to promising careers and plump paychecks.

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