Dealing With FOMO (The Fear of Missing Out)

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Ever went to your favorite store to find out they were having a sale? While skimming through the sale racks you happen to notice that the leather jacket you’ve been eyeing is on sale and there is only one left. You pick up that jacket while you continue to shop, trying to debate if you want to take the chance and get the jacket or leave it there in hopes that when you return after pay day it will still be in your deemed “hiding place.” But reluctantly, you decide to buy it anyways because you can’t stand the thought of seeing someone else wearing “your” jacket. So although that money you were saving was suppose to be for investing in that business you always wanted to start, you went into your savings account just so you could justify that purchase……Sounds familiar? That is because you've just experienced the fear of missing out. 


The Fear of Missing Out, also known as FOMO, is the fear that you are missing out on an opportunity that should be yours. Whether that translates for you as a sale, party, networking event, or seeing your friend get married, the commonality is that it all stems from a place of lack. You don’t have that leather jacket, your business is not booming, your boyfriend hasn’t proposed, and because you don’t have those things you just can’t help feeling like something is missing.


If only you knew that FOMO is a self-induced ploy to hold your mind hostage. Because you are so afraid that you might miss something by not constantly being connected, getting married, not having this ideal life, you are automatically setting yourself up to deny the blessings that are already for you.


We are all called to live a life of abundance. As women who were fearfully and wonderfully made, we have each been given a unique purpose to fulfill on this earth. You are meant to touch someone by just being you, but because you are so caught up in what you don’t have, you become fearful and start to believe that you can’t be blessed or receive what someone else has. 


"We are all called to live a life of abundance."

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But here’s the little nugget that has to sink into your head….”What is for you, is FOR YOU!” I was listening to the She Percolates Podcast by Danielle and Jen, and they had really brought to my attention on how much FOMO really affects our generation. We are always on because we are afraid to “turn off.” We’re constantly checking social media to almost keep a scoreboard of whose doing what. Do you know what that does? That only makes you jealous of someone else’s purpose. You start to yearn for the life that that they live, while quickly forgetting that your life has just as much value and importance. So here are some ways that we can manage those feelings:


Take a social media break.

We know by now that social media is only a person’s highlight reel, but for some reason that truism fails to resonate with us when we need it the most. Take a break. It’s easy to see someone else living out their purpose and then start questioning your own. Get clear on what God has for YOU. 


Write down the moments when FOMO attacks.

I don’t know why, but for some reason writing things out rationalizes reality. By analyzing the moments where FOMO occurs, you can really break down the thoughts that are causing the feeling.


Keep a gratitude journal.

FOMO stems from lack, so take on the perspective of abundance with a gratitude journal. Be really intentional on writing down what you are thankful for. When you see how much you already have, what you don’t have pales in comparison to those blessings.


What has been your experience with FOMO? Let me know in the comments below.