Determine Your Passion: How to Pick What to Pursue Next


Your passions are the energy that fuels your purpose. But how do you pick which one to pursue? If you’re anything like me or most people, you’re a multi-passionate woman. Meaning that God has given you many dreams, desires, and goals that you want to explore.

For me some of those passions are writing, coaching, teaching, traveling, exploring, dancing, singing. I mean I can go on and on for days. But what I’ve learned over time and as I coach women one-on-one is that God created us to be multi-passionate women and that’s completely okay. 


Yes, God has created us to be multi-passionate, but that doesn’t mean that we should pursue every passion that He has given us at once. But with so many options, how do you choose which one to pursue next? So in this blog post and video, I’m sharing with you 5 tips to help you pick which passion to pursue next:

Be Spirit-Led.

This should always be your starting place. Your passions were placed inside of you by God. Determine where you are being led by asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. He will help you determine your next best steps.

Think About What Gives You Joy.

Think about what sets your soul on fire. What are the things that light you up and inspire you to take action? The things that give you life are the things that you're most passionate about. I always say that your passions are for you and your purpose is for others. Think about what gives you joy and how you can channel that joy through living out your purpose.

Look for Evidence.

Your passions are the things that you constantly obsess and research over. A great way to determine what they are is to take a look at your Google or Pinterest search history. Take note of any repeating themes, topics, or words.

If you need more assistance, don't be afraid to do more digging. Revisit your childhood. Think about the things that mattered to you then. Enlist friends and family members by asking them what have they noticed that stirs you. If you open up your eyes, evidence can be found all around that illuminates the passions God has given you.

Start to Explore.

Give yourself a trial-period to explore your passions. Thirty to ninety days is a solid amount of time to see if you truly enjoy it. The key here is to start with only one core passion so you can give it the focus and energy it deserves. If you find that you could keep engaging in the task without regard to time or money, you're probably passionate about it.

Stay Flexible.

Give yourself the grace to hold on lightly. Your passions can change or fade over time and that’s okay. You may or may not be as passionate about the same things you were when you were young. That's because your passions will change and evolve as you grow. The key is to stay flexible. You can always pivot or change if you need to.

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