Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable | Fearfully Fashioned #faith #purpose #FearfullyFashioned

As I continue my journey towards entrepreneurship, each day as I work towards my goals, I realize how much of a struggle it actually is. Starting any blog, business, ministry, or organization isn't for the faint at heart. It requires boldness, courage, tenacity, and discipline, and for some of us, these traits don't come naturally. They are being developed. As I begin my study on the book of Nehemiah, I'm learning how pursuing the work of God is not an easy process. God gives you a burden for His people, and from that burden a vision is birthed. In order to birth and manifest that vision, you have to go through a process, and oftentimes, that process is an uncomfortable one.


"Leave your comfort zone to live a life of purpose and service."



When Nehemiah set out the rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, he had a heart for his city and people. He saw the end goal, but he didn't foresee the challenges and problems that would present themselves along the way. He faced adversity and conflict, but not everyone knew that. I'm sure that while he was rebuilding the wall and establishing the government, people didn't see what he was going through behind closed doors. They saw the product of him fasting, praying, and crying out for his people.


So many of us get caught up looking at people’s highlight reels on social media believing that people have this amazing life just because they are influential and making moves. We only see the fruits of their labor, but only if we knew the commitment and dedication that is required to complete the process.


Just because God blesses and gives us favor to walk out our purpose doesn't mean that everything is going to be easy and perfect.  Often, when you are called to do something, it will be one of the most difficult and taxing times of your life because you are being STRETCHED. You are being called to dig deeper and push past complacency. You are being called to overcome your opposition. You are being called to block out negativity and to carry out the vision God has placed inside of you. 


The reason why you feel uncomfortable during this process is because YOUR PURPOSE IS NOT ABOUT YOU Nehemiah wasn't trying to rebuild the wall to add another accomplishment to his resume or so that he could gain the attention of the king. His purpose of leading was so that he could restore the city of Jerusalem and renew his people's faith. The sole objective of your purpose is to use your gifts and passion to serve God and others. That act of service will require you to be uncomfortable because you're not thinking about yourself but the needs of others. So when you feel like taking a nap instead of studying for that Bible study you are suppose to be leading, remember that your purpose isn't to serve you. When you know that you have a fear of public speaking and you have to present in front of a live audience, remember that you're purpose is to encourage others, not make yourself feel comfortable.


It's important to understand that when you're on the brink of accomplishing greatness, there is a natural agitation that occurs inside of you. Situations and obstacles will arise to hinder your process. The question is how will you react? Will you be like Nehemiah and pray that God will give you the strength to accomplish His work, or will you retreat in discomfort and complacency? 


Remember nothing grows in your comfort zone. It is impossible to reach new heights and accomplish God's work when you are fighting against the process to get there. Walking in your purpose requires you to live a life of service. It requires you to pick up your cross and follow Him despite of how you feel. It requires you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


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