The 7 Habits of Highly Disciplined Women

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How disciplined are you really? Are you committed to your goals? Do you push yourself past your limits to take action? Do you put the right systems and structures in place to make sure you’re actually succeeding? 


Don’t worry if you answered no to some of those questions. We all have areas of our life where we could use more discipline. That is why I’ve taken the time to identify the habits of the most highly self-controlled and disciplined women, and I’ve found that they tend to display these habits:


They break down their goals.

Highly disciplined women don’t get caught up and stuck on the big picture. They know how to break down their goals. Deconstructing your goals allows you to see what needs to happen in order for you to achieve them. Break down your goals into action steps that consist of milestones and daily actions that will lead you to accomplish your big picture goals.


They know their priorities.

Self-controlled women aren’t worried about doing all the things. They focus on the actions and behaviors that help them make the most progress in their purpose and goals. Instead of creating a list of to-dos, create a list of purposeful priorities and choose the top 3 that are the most important to complete. This ensures that you’re focusing on the meaningful and purposeful rather than the busy and meaningless activities.


They do the hardest things first.

Disciplined women don’t waste their time procrastinating on the things they know that are going to move their life, business, or goals forward. They don’t put things off until tomorrow or next week. They do the hardest things first. One of the best ways to increase the chances of reaching your goals is to the hardest, most important thing first. Doing so not only gets it out of the way, but it also instills feelings of accomplishment and confidence in you, knowing that you were disciplined and got it done. 


They know how to manage their time.

Self-controlled women are all about making the most of every opportunity they have to pursue their God-given purpose and goals. Therefore, they are all about using their time wisely. They make sure that the job gets done by intentionally scheduling the most important actions and activities into their week. Doing this increases the likelihood that they will accomplish their tasks because they put systems and routines in place that will guarantee their success. What systems, routines, and schedules do you need to put place to develop discipline?


They are decisive and committed.

Highly disciplined women aren’t led by their emotions, instead, they are led by their decisions and commitments. When it comes time to work on their goals, they remind themselves that feelings aren’t facts, and that discipline is developed by doing things they don’t always feel like doing. So instead of being swayed by your emotions, decide that you are going to make a commitment to your goals despite how you may feel. 


They remove distractions.

A disciplined woman is very self-aware. She knows her downfalls, therefore she creates an environment to win by removing as many distractions as possible. While you can’t always plan for the unexpected, you can diminish distractions by removing them altogether. 


They take action.

Highly disciplined women know that planning and dreaming aren’t enough. At some point, if they want to see those dreams and goals actualized, they must take action. Taking action doesn’t guarantee perfection, but it doesn’t guarantee progress, and progress is better than deferred dreams or worse the lack of trying. As long as you take action, you’re one step closer to achieving your goals.

Discipline isn’t formed overnight. It consists of the daily cultivation of habits that support you as you move forward in your purpose and goals. The Developing Discipline Challenge takes it a step further and invites you to partner with the Holy Spirit as you eliminate excuses and develop discipline in your life. Click the button below to take the challenge now. 

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