How to Balance Productivity and Family Time During the Holidays

How To Balance Productivity and Family Time During the Holidays | Fearfully Fashioned #productivity #family #theholidays #FearfullyFashioned

Happy almost Thanksgiving! This Thursday, Thanksgiving marks the official beginning of the holiday season. Holiday season is always my favorite time of year. The ambience and coziness of the season always puts me in a peaceful and fuzzy mood. As I get older, I’m really starting to understand and value what the holiday season brings. For me and my family it’s a time of tradition. A time where we decorate, watch the 25 days of Christmas, bake holiday treats, and just spend more time together. 


I know for many of us, including myself, this time of the year is the only time we really get to spend time with our family in person. I decided to move away for college, and as I continue my education, I have moved even further away. So because I am never at home, I want to make sure that I am present as much as possible during the holidays, but still on task and productive with my work and goals. Here are some ways you can balance your productivity and family time during this holiday season:


Block off uninterrupted time for work.

It might be helpful to wake up a couple hours earlier to get your work done. By the time your family gets up or gets off of work you will have accomplished enough to not feel guilty about relaxing for the end of the day.


Unplug from technology.

I know that I am way guilty of spending too much time on my phone when I am at home. For a lot of us, the holidays are the only time where we get to connect and catch up with our family. Try putting your phone on do not disturb or flight mode when you are spending quality time together.


Be present.

Unfortunately, our responsibilities don’t end just because it’s the holidays. Don’t focus on your never ending to do list. By properly planning out your days, you will be able to finish everything on time. Relax your mind and focus on family and the true meaning of the holiday season. 


I hope you all were able to find these tips helpful. Finding balance during the holidays has always been a challenge of mine, but it can be done. Don't place so much pressure on yourself. Your work will always be there, but your family might not always be. Take time to show your gratitude and love towards them by being present with them this holiday season.