How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough

How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough | Fearfully Fashioned

It’s halfway through January and some of you are already ready to throw in the towel. Either you haven’t started your goals yet or you already find yourself giving up, begging for 2017 to come  so you can acquire a second chance. 


Before you decide to hang up the towel too early, remember that accomplishments don’t happen over night. Just like anything in life, achieving your goals is a day by day process. Some days we will wake up and feel totally uninspired, and other days we will be bursting with energy to cross things off our to do list. If you find yourself struggling to remain disciplined, here are 5 tips to persevere when the going gets tough.  


Remember that each day is a brand new start.

Each day we are blessed with the opportunity to start over. You don’t have to wait until the next month or even the next year to begin fresh. Take advantage of the time you are given each day.


Break your goals down into smaller tasks.

If you find that you keep struggling to work on something, it may be because you are looking at the whole picture. Break your goal down into smaller tasks so with each completion you are making progress towards the overall goal.


Keep your vision in front of you.

The most successful people remind theirselves of the their goals every day. Create a vision board. Make your goal your wallpaper. Keep a picture of it in your dashboard. Do whatever you need to do to keep it in mind. 


Create a rewards system.

Put a reward in place for once you have finished your goal. Have you been wanting to get a manicure? Delay self-gratification and wait until you have finished that project until you pamper yourself. 


Remind yourself of your why.

Your “why” is the reason you got started. Are you choosing to lose weight because diabetes runs in your family? Is the rate of homeless children increasing and that’s why you want to start your non-profit? Your why grounds you and reminds you that your goal is ultimately bigger than yourself. 


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How do push yourself to keep going? Tell me in the comments below.