June 2017 Goals + Life Update

June 2017 Goals | Fearfully Fashioned -- Each month I share my intentional, good goals that I've created with my PowerSheets. See how I'm fashioning my life this month. Click to read now or pin to save for later. #goalsetting #PowerSheets #FearfullyFashioned

It’s June! We’re officially halfway through the year! Can you believe that?! Now that 2017 is halfway over, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the progress of your goals. Have you been intentional in making that little by little progress? Have you assessed your environment for the things that may need to be purged? Are you taking the time to truly cultivate what matters?


These are some of the questions that I’ve had to ask myself. I’ve been learning that the goal isn’t about how much you can accomplish but about the quality of those goals and the state of your heart. For so long I had set my goals from a place of lack. I felt like I had so much to prove and so much that I wanted to gain in my life and business. But lately, the Lord has shown me that I can’t set my goals with a lack mentality. I have to accept the grace, provision, and abundance that He has already given me in this season.


I’ll be honest with you: this is still a lesson that I’m still learning. I’m starting to accept His grace to grow and be at peace with His timing, and that’s been a hard concept to grasp. I’m an overachiever and a planner to the core, and because of that it’s often hard for me to let go of the plans I have for my life. And although it’s been hard, God has still been faithful. He has been teaching me so much of what it means to be faithful and what it looks like to truly rest.


With that being said, I’ll be taking a summer sabbatical where I’ll be focusing on more restful and rejuvenating work. I’ve been sprinting and striving for so long to make things happen in my life, finances, and business, but now it’s time to slow down and find beauty in the process.


So instead of me posting weekly blog posts, newsletters, and daily Instagrams, you can expect to see a monthly newsletter and blog post from me with an update and of course my PowerSheets goals. As for Instagram, I’ll be posting a few times a week to send some inspiration, motivation, and encouragement your way. Other than that, I’ll be resting and working on the internal workings of Fearfully Fashioned.


I’m starting to see now more than ever that we are created for seasons. There are seasons for planting, growing, harvesting, and resting, and it’s time for me to finally embrace my season- one of rest. I hope this encourages you to do the same. Here’s my May recap.


May Recap


  1. Intentional date night with Justin. Once again, I’m choosing grace in this area. With my new schedule, I’ve been trying to adjust and make more space for us to enjoy each other. With summer right around the corner, I am very hopeful that we’ll be able to attend some summer festivals and movie nights.

  2. Register for Pre-Married Life class. My boyfriend has some family coming into town this summer and I as well have some prior responsibilities where we won’t be able to make the times and days of the class, so we decided that we’re going to register for the fall class when it becomes available.

  3. Coffee and brunch dates with friends. I wasn’t able to meet up with everybody I wanted to this month due to scheduling conflicts, but I was able to meet up with my best friend several times this month. I invited her to go to this monthly women’s gathering that I attend at Passion City Church called The Grove. It was great to catch up with each other, lift each other up in prayer, and just worship together. It definitely was the highlight of my month.

  4. Start Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge. This challenge has been so life-giving and revealing. I’m only a month in and the Lord has already been uprooting a lot out of me. I’ve been taking the time to read Rachel Cruze’s Love Your Life Not Theirs during the challenge, which has been an excellent read on cultivating contentment and financial stewardship. I’ll be sharing more on the challenge and book later.

  5. Pay federal taxes. I’m halfway there! I’ll be paying this off in full this month.

  6. Track finances and spending. I just picked up my monthly budget again in May. At the beginning of the month, I deleted my old Mint account and created a new one. It was good for me to sit down and take a fresh look at my finances. If you’re looking for a one and done system to manage and track your finances, I highly recommend Mint. You can track your spending, create multiple budgets, financial goals, add in all of your debt and track your bills all in one place.

  7. Finish content for mini-course. I’m sure that you can tell that God has been re-directing a lot of my plans. I still plan on finishing this mini-course and another course I’m working on, but this will be tabled for now as I rest and re-configure the direction of Fearfully Fashioned.


June Goals


Monthly Goals:


1) Intentional date night with Justin*


2) Fill out the Fruitful Friendships Workbook

June 2017 Goals | Fearfully Fashioned -- Each month I share my intentional, good goals that I've created with my PowerSheets. See how I'm fashioning my life this month. Click to read now or pin to save for later. #goalsetting #PowerSheets #FearfullyFashioned

In my finding, building, and nurturing faithful friendships post and my previous PowerSheets goals, I shared that I’m working on cultivating new friendships while maintaining the old ones, so the Fruitful Friendships Workbook, by Cultivate What Matters, is going to be the perfect guide to make sure that I’m doing just that. The Fruitful Friendships Workbook is a 52 page guided workbook filled with exercises, activities, and prompts that will coach you into cultivating fruitful and faithful friendships. You can check out the Fruitful Friendships workbook here.


3) Complete Business Boutique Plan

If you’ve read the post where I shared my favorite podcasts, you’d know that I absolutely love the Business Boutique podcast. So much that when Christy Wright announced her book and the academy, I had to jump on both! I’m working on the foundation for Fearfully Fashioned right now and I’m using the book and the academy to work through my new business plan while I’m breaking for the summer.


4) Find a graceful, new rhythm with schedule

As some of you may know, I’ve been transitioning into a new job for the last month and a half, and I’m still having a hard time finding a new rhythm with my schedule. My goal for June is to find balance between this new job, growing Fearfully Fashioned, working on my coaching certification while still enjoying life and incorporating rest. I wrote a blog post on how to balance purpose with everyday life and it looks like I might have to revisit that post for myself!


5) Cultivate new/old friendships*


6) Spend time with Alma & T.O. before they leave

My boyfriend’s friends are moving back to his hometown. I have surprisingly gotten really close with his friend’s fiancé, so I want to make sure that I spend time with them both this month before they leave.


7) Pay federal taxes*


8) Have a city adventure

Due to my new work schedule, it’s rare that I have a moment to get out and explore the city. Although I usually have to work during the weekends, I want to make an effort to get out and attend a festival, outdoor movie night, or just have a spontaneous night of exploration this month.


Weekly Goals:


1) Call and connect with family and friends*


2) Workout 3x a week*


3) Attend Fusion*


4) Review finances*


5) Pray through Val Marie Paper Journal*


Daily Goals:


1) Move

If you’ve been following my PowerSheets goals for the last few months, you might notice that this goal is slightly different. I use an Apple Watch, which encourages you to close your activity rings, so in the months before that was my goal. The problem with that goal was that I have an all or nothing mentality when it comes to working out. So in order to break that mindset, I just want to focus on incorporating any type of movement into my day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. A few minutes is better than nothing, and I want to make sure that I’m making exercise a daily habit again.


2) Eat intuitively*


3) Drink 94 oz of water*


4) Live within means*


5) Rest/self-care*


6) Check-in with FB/networking groups*


7) Let go*


June Books:


*= Goals from last month or recurring goals.

What are your monthly goals? Share them with me in the comments below!

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