The Key Mindset Shift You Need to Have to Uncover Your Purpose, Clarify Your Calling, and Achieve Your Goals

The Key Mindset Shift You Need to Uncover Your Purpose, Clarify Your Calling, and Achieve Your Goals | Life Designer University -- We all have something that holds us back from pursuing our purpose, calling, or goals. Discover the key mindset shift you need to have to successfully achieve your goals. Click here to read now or pin to save for later. | mindset shift, growth mindset, positive mindset,  mindset coaching, change your mindset, find your purpose, find your calling, christian life coach, life coach for women, Life Designer University

When I reflect on the times of my life when I had the most success or made the most change— whether it was losing 65 lbs, starting a business, or investing in the resources to support my dream— there was an underlying, common denominator that started it all— a mindset shift.

You see, since I was young, I've always been a goal-oriented person. I thrived on the accomplishments, affirmations, and rewards that came with achieving a goal or getting something done. But even with my ambitious spirit, I still had my kryptonite — fear.

Fear has taken me out the ring before I’ve tried so many times. Places I wanted to move to, internships I wanted to take, sororities I wanted to join -- all these opportunities were missed due to fear. The fear that got to me the most was the fear of failure. I was so afraid of fear of putting my all into something that might not work out. This fear was present when I started my weight loss journey, my business, and it was even greater when I made my biggest business investments of enrolling in my coaching certification and hiring my first coach. “What if it doesn’t work out? What if I backtrack? What if I invest all this money and my business flops?”

I’m sure you have your fears too. Maybe like me, you have the fear of failure. Or maybe you have the fear of success (yes that’s a real thing). Or maybe it’s not fear at all that’s holding you back from your dreams. Maybe it’s the lack of confidence or belief that this dream can happen for you. The bottom line is that we all have roadblocks that stand in the way of us pursuing our purpose, calling, and goals. For some of us those blockers are external but for many of us, they are internal. They are the thoughts and beliefs that keep us from becoming the women God intended us to be. What are your fears?

For me, I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but at the same time, I was so afraid to take the leap. To make a decision. To make change in my life. But as I reflected on where I was and what was bringing me to this change, I realized that beyond my fear of failure, there was an even greater fear that I didn’t want to discover -- the fear and pain of staying the same.

That’s the thing about change — it’s scary and downright uncomfortable. Most change isn’t accompanied by a smooth transition. It’s met with bumps, bruises, and growing pains along the way. And on top of that, it’s costly. It costs time, energy, emotions, money, and other resources that will lead to our expansion. It’s a messy, sometimes risky, uncomfortable transition but one that is needed and necessary in order to grow. But before the change can take place, we have to understand the opposite end of the spectrum -- the weight of staying the same.

Although I was afraid of the unknown, I couldn’t stay where I was. It was pain, agitation, and frustration that brought me to this point in the first place. I was tired of being unhealthy. I was tired of not knowing my purpose and following the world’s expectations and trajectory for my life. I was tired of being stuck in my business. And as I thought about my vision for my life, I realized that if truly wanted to live a contented, purposeful, and happy life, I needed to make a change. And maybe it’s time for you to make a change.

Maybe like me, you’ve allowed opportunities to pass you by because you thought you were unqualified. Or maybe you’re letting fear keep you from getting started. Maybe you’ve been too afraid to invest in your own personal development. Well, let me ask you this… does all of this cost more than choosing to stay the same? Is your fear worth it? Will it be worth it to see yourself one year from now, five years from now, or ten years from now still stuck in the same place?

If you want to uncover your purpose, clarify your calling, achieve your goals and truly claim everything that God has for you, you must understand that if you don’t do what’s necessary to change, you will stay the same, and that is a personal decision that you will have to live with. So today, I want you to decide. Decide that you won’t allow fear to dictate your decisions. Decide that today you’re going to take one action toward your goals. Decide today that you’re going to pursue the purpose and calling that God has for your life. Don’t allow fear or any other thing keep you from what God has for you. He’s designed you with your purpose in mind and with that, He has equipped you with everything that you need. But you have to decide that you want it more than your comfortability. Decide today that despite your fear, despite the statistics, despite your bank account, despite what others think, or even what you believe about yourself that you will take inspired action to live on purpose and by design.

It’s not easy to make this mindset shift. Along with a change in thinking, you have to have clarity and direction for how to move forward and accountability to make sure you stay on track. In the Life Designer Coaching Program we will work together not only on your action plan but the mindset shifts needed to pursue your purpose, calling, and goals. Click the button below to learn more and apply for your complimentary Clarity Session.