Livy Jarmusch is #FearfullyFashioned

Livy Jarmusch is #FearfullyFashioned | Fearfully Fashioned -- Livy Jarmusch is a dreamer, singer, songwriter and orphan advocate. Livy Jarmusch is a dreamer, singer, songwriter and orphan advocate. As the founder of Crown of Beauty Magazine, she strives to reach young women and inspire them to realize their true worth in Christ. Click here to read how Livy fashions her life according to God's purpose & plan. You can pin to save for later too! #purposedrivenwomen #IAMFearfullyFashioned #FearfullyFashioned

Livy Jarmusch is a dreamer, singer, songwriter and orphan advocate. As the founder of Crown of Beauty Magazine, she strives to reach young women and inspire them to realize their true worth in Christ.

Livy walks in boldness as she "teaches and reminds women of how beautiful they are in the eyes of Christ." Over the years, she has learned that her purpose and success aren't found in people's opinions of her. Her purpose and success are found in making sure that everything she does is aligned with Christ. Through her interview, Livy encourages us to live out our walk with God boldy and unashamedly. That is how she chooses to fashion her life

What is your God-given purpose and how are you currently living it out?

Wow. That is such a deep question. I believe that answer has many layers. The core of my purpose, the reason that I'm breathing, is to know God. He created me, because He wanted to have relationship with me. The #1 commandment and the entire "why" of life, is to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul mind and strength" then to "love your neighbor as yourself." So my core purpose is the same as every other Christian, to know and love God, then to know and love other people. The second layer to answer this question, is our assignment from Heaven, "The Great Commission." To make disciples of all nations.

But the third layer to answer your question, what I believe you’re really asking, is the most complex and unique! It's finding a way to live out those first two layers, as genuinely and fearlessly as I can, while being true to the unique, one of a kind person that God has called me to be. Knowing what my God-given strengths, gifts, and dreams are. I'm only twenty-three. So I'm still on the journey of discovering and unfolding these gift, and daily reshaping and refining what my "God-given purpose is."

But I do know this much. I’m here to set captives free. To bring truth to minds that have been clouded up with darkness. To teach and remind this generation of young women just how beautiful and valuable they are in the eyes of Christ. In this current season of life, I am fully immersed in an online project called, Crown of Beauty Magazine. The purpose of our magazine is to teach and remind women of their royal identity in Christ. I started Crown of Beauty Magazine three years ago, and although this is just one way as to how God is using me for His purposes, that's what I want to share with you lovely ladies today!  


What is one of the biggest challenges you had to overcome to pursue your God-given purpose and goals?

Fear of what other people think. Even as a little girl, I was always a people pleaser. I wanted so badly for my parents, friends, and family members to approve of and be proud of me. Proverbs says "the fear of man will prove to be a snare..." (29:25) and that is so, SO true. There is nothing that will shut down your God-given dreams faster than the fear of man. It's something we all have to overcome. We have to stop worrying about what other people will think of us if we follow God's plan for our lives, instead of taking a more "normal" path. It's something I had to overcome.
When I first graduated High School, I was in the same boat as every other young person, being bombarded with the question of the hour: "What are you going to do with your life?!" I was so afraid of choosing the wrong thing; of disappointing the people around me. But, to the dismay of some people around me, I chose not to enroll in college. Instead, I picked up my pen, and launched Crown of Beauty Magazine. 

It wasn't always fun, enduring their disapproving stares, and hearing the well-meaning advice from people who thought I was "throwing away my life" if I didn't go to college. But I moved forward with God what was showing me, and decided that honoring Him with my life is far more important than the opinions of man. When you choose to go the opposite way, swim upstream, and not conform to the patterns of this world, there will be opposition! People will open their mouths and roll their eyes. But that's totally and completely okay. God sees you. He sees your heart, and your desire to obey Him, and follow Him no matter what the cost. Think of Mary, who poured out her fragrant bottle of expensive perfume at the feet of Jesus. The religious Pharisees were outraged! "What a waste!" They said. But that's not how God saw it. Don't listen to the world when they tell you that you're wasting your life following Jesus. Because I promise you, no matter what the cost, it is absolutely and irrevocably worth it. 


What is your definition of success and stance on failure?

My definition of success is having a heart that is right with God. A heart that is tender, and open to His leading. A heart that is willing to respond to the little nudges of the Holy Spirit, no matter how hard they may be to follow through. A heart that says, "The world looks at outward appearance, but I know that God looks at the heart. Lord, help my heart." A heart that can be at peace and secure in the love of Christ, no matter how badly the world is shaking. 

At the end of the age, when we all stand before God on judgement day, He is going to test our works. He's going to put our thoughts, words, and deeds, through the fire of His righteousness, and see if anything remains. I want to be, and build something that matters. Something eternal. Something that isn't fleeing. Something that will stand through those flames. To be successful, is to live with the end in mind. To be focused on eternity, and the fruit that we want to bear.
Jesus told us to bear fruit. If we don't do that, how are we successful? We can only bear fruit by abiding in the vine. I believe that real success happens when we steward what God has given us, and use it for His glory. In the parable of the Talents, everyone was given a different amount of money from their Master. Some of them were faithful, and multiplied what they had been entrusted with. Bqaut one of the characters in the parable was afraid. So he hid. He didn't know how to steward what he had been given, was afraid of losing it, and perhaps thought that it may not be special enough to do anything with. After all, he only got one talent. How did that compare to the guy who got five? Sometimes we can think, "It's not a big deal if I hide my talent, because there are other people out there doing far more than I am." But the man in this story who hid, and didn't use what he had been given, was harshly rebuked. He had utterly failed. 

I believe that the only way you can fail, is by not trying. Falling is NOT failing. Everyone who is successful has fallen. They've made mistakes, they've missed the mark. But they kept going! They didn't give up. And neither should you! The worst things we can do, is to not try. To not step out on faith. I often think of what I do with my ministry at Crown of Beauty, as the boy in the Bible with the fish and the loaves. It didn't seem like much. In a world with so much hunger, and pain, and brokenness, what is one measly little website going to do? How is one magazine issue, one Instagram post, or one devotional book, going to feed so many? How will it make an impact? Honestly, I don't know. Neither did the little boy with the fish and loaves! But that's the beauty of it, we don't have to understand how it works! We don't have to understand WHY God would use what we give Him, when it seems so tiny and insignificant. But He uses it anyway! Isn't that amazing?! When we make the choice to daily step out and use the seemingly small talents He has given us, He multiplies our efforts, and makes it massively successful in His eyes! What a miracle!


 "Real success happens when we steward what God has given us, and use it for His glory."

- Livy Jarmusch - 




If you could go back in time, what is one piece of advice that you would give to yourself?

If I could go back in time, and talk to myself as a teenage girl, here's what I would say. "Stop looking at Hollywood. Stop watching those movies and listening to that music that keeps filling your mind with lies. You know the truth. So why are you purposefully poisoning yourself with toxic thoughts? Your worth, your identity, your security…your everything is found in Christ. So shut off all those negative voices and run after Jesus. You won’t regret even a moment that you spend chasing after Him. He loves you far, far more than this world ever could.”  


What is one of your major characteristics that has contributed to where you are right now?

I think, quite simply, it’s just the courage to try something new. The courage to step out, and do something that I’ve never done before. It seems like I’m trying new things every single day! The Lord has given me a certain boldness and tenacity to pursue things that I don’t have a clue how to do! Haha! When I first started Crown of Beauty, I distinctly remember that first year thinking over and over again, “I’ve never done this before. I don’t know how to do this.” I had never run a magazine before. I had never done interviews, or called up artist management on the phone, or gone into the homes of some of my favorite Christian artists, or attended award shows, or planned conferences, or written books. It was all so new! But with each step, the Lord has helped me to have an attitude similar to Joshua and Caleb, and just step out and take new territory! Instead of believing the report of fear which says, “The giants are too big. You can’t do this, it’s too hard, you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to fail.” I want to believe the report of the Lord. I want to believe His whisper which courageously reminds me, “Is anything too hard for the Lord? Who can stop the Lord Almighty?!”


What is your go-to bible verse that keeps you going? 

Wow. I have so many favorites, it’s hard to choose! But one of the verses that I keep going back to, over and over again is Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you’ll be able to test and approve what God’s will is. His good pleasing and perfect will.”  Renewing our minds in His Word is everything!  

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you’ll be able to test and approve what God’s will is. His good pleasing and perfect will.”
— Romans 12:2


Mantra or words to live by.

Again, so hard to choose, haha! But I love the quote, “Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” I love that, because it encourages you to pursue your dreams, and even if they don’t unfold exactly the way you thought they would, God brings so many amazing blessings into your life because of your obedience to step out! Some of my most cherished friendships would’ve never come if I didn’t start Crown of Beauty. So many amazing opportunities and priceless friendships unfold when you simply step out and say “Yes”!  


What’s your favorite personal or spiritual development book/blog?

I have many favorites, but I think my top four books are:


Define what "fashion your life” means to you.

To me, fashion your life, means to step into alignment with God wants to do in and through you. Dare to see yourself the way that He sees you. Get into His presence, dig deep in His Word, and allow yourself to be transformed. Once you catch the vision, once you see what God wants to do through your life, take courage and step out on faith! And adventure of being fashioned by God is absolutely amazing, as He molds us step by step, one day at a time.


What advice would you give to women who are also looking to fashion their life according to God’s will and purpose?

Go to your source. Jesus said, “I am the vine and you are the branches. You can do nothing apart from Me.” He is our everything. He wants to fill us up, energize us, encourage and inspire us, but we have to come to Him and surrender. We have to spend time in His presence. He has to change us before we can go change the world. So my advice is this: find out what the Potter is doing, and allow Him to mold you. Find out what Jesus is saying, and what the Father is doing, and then jump in and do it!  


What does it mean to know that you are #FearfullyFashioned?

Chosen. Set apart. Lovingly designed. Tenderly created. This is who you are! Fearfully and wonderfully made. Woven together in the depths of the earth, loved before the beginning of time. You have a purpose, a calling, and a destiny. Embrace the One who embraces you, and allow Him to lead you on an unforgettable adventure.

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