10 Tips to Wisely Master Your Time

10 Tips to Wisely Master Your Time | Fearfully Fashioned #timemangement #personaldevelopment #FearfullyFashioned

Time is a concept that is very psychological in nature. It’s quite metaphysical, in fact. How you view it is consistent with your perspective of it, which in return determines how you manage your time. 


Many of us are stricken by the concept of time poverty, the feeling that there is not enough time in the day. We maneuver through our responsibilities feeling overwhelm and defeated before we even set out to tackle our to-do list. On the other side of the spectrum, others of us feel like we have ample time to get things done, so we procrastinate and overestimate how much time or motivation we will have at a later time. 


Regardless of which time perspective you subscribe to, time management is essential to living a purposeful and productive life. The truth is, we all have the time necessary to do what we need and want to do. God has graced us with the perfect amount of time to complete everything that He has purposed us to do, but He requires that we are a good steward over our time. Learn how to become a better steward over your time with these time management tips. 



"Learn how to become a better steward over your time with these time management tips."




Come to terms with how you manage your time. 

Time is a valuable asset, and you are called to be a good steward over it. How you manage your time deals with how you perceive it. Researchers have identified that most women have the following time perspectives:


1) Time is a pressure cooker. These women are analytical in their planning, other oriented, and focus on doing one thing at a time. They often feel pressured, overwhelmed, and feel like time is ticking away when it comes to their responsibilities. 


2) Time is a map. These women are analytical as well and have a polychronic time style (aka they are multi-taskers). They generally show a future temporal orientation and use time to guide them into the next phase of their life. 


3) Time is a mirror. These women are analytical planners; they show a past temporal orientation, meaning they look to the past to plan for the future. They are loyal and stick to tried and true, proven methods. 


4) Time is a river. If you’re a spontaneous woman, you might have this time style. These women “go with the wind,” and they are focused on living in the now. You may notice if you ascribe to this time style, you may have a hard time staying focused and committed to your plans. 


5) Time is a feast. These women are very analytical in nature, with a present temporal orientation. They live life to the fullest and believe that they can never have too much time. Time, to them, is viewed as something to be consumed, and they take pleasure in spending it. 


Prioritize your efforts. 

It’s important to learn the difference between what’s urgent and what’s not.  David your Goliath by prioritizing the most urgent and challenging to-do. You'll notice that you will feel more productive when you get the hardest thing on your list out of the way.


Learn what needs to be accepted versus what needs to be acknowledged. 

Everything and everyone does not deserve your time and attention. Decide what you can tolerate and make adjustments from there. Acknowledge and eliminate any person or thing that taxes your time and energy. 


Simplify your environment. 

Looking at a mess creates more things to do in your head. Clear the clutter so you can actually focus without deviating from your schedule. This will help you to use your time wisely and stay concentrated on the task at hand. 


K.I.S.S. it.

Keep it super simple! Everything doesn’t require a huge amount of time. Once you allot a certain amount of time to complete a task, do just that. Do what is required — nothing more and nothing less. 


Get quiet. 

You can utilize your time best when you are undistracted. Go to a coffee shop or put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ to knock out your work. Do whatever is needed to remain focused



Maximize your most productive hours. 

If you’re a morning person, rearrange your schedule so you can do the most challenging tasks when you are the most productive. You can effectively manage your time when your schedule and routine is optimized for productivity. 


Use every nook and cranny of time. 

Think of your favorite celebrity, pastor, or world leader. You have just as many hours in your day as they do. Find small gaps of time, like 15 minute increments, where you can complete small tasks


Sacrifice something. 

Decide what you can give up in order to get what you want. If you find yourself needing more time, identify where you can scale back on other activities. If you need to spend a little less time watching Netflix in order to accomplish your goals, then do it. 


Make time for you. 

At the end of each day, you need to make sure that you are spending time doing what you love. Read a book or paint your nails; Do whatever it is that lights you up and makes you happy. 


Time management is all about creating a schedule that allows you to have peace and freedom to do the things that you want and have committed to do. Time, unfortunately, is a valuable resource that you can't get back, therefore, I’ve created a free printable of this blog post, to remind you to spend your time wisely. Click the button below to download my Tailor Your Time Time Management Tips. (Please Note: If you’re on my email list, this printable is available in the Resource Closet). 



How well do you manage your time? Share with me in the comments below.