How I Maximize My Mornings With My Morning Routine

How I Maximize My Mornings With My Morning Routine | Fearfully Fashioned -- My mornings are designed to help me maximize my day and increase my overall productivity and aptitude toward carrying out my God-given goals and purpose. Learn how you can maximize your mornings with a solid morning routine. Click to read now or pin to save for later. #selfhelp #FearfullyFashioned

If you caught my last post on How to Become A Morning Person, you would know that I’m a morning person to the core. Now, I don’t want to reiterate how much I love the mornings (because I do)! This time around I wanted to share with you the morning routine that allows me to enjoy the mornings as much as I do. I’ve been able to really maximize my mornings with this routine.  Due to this routine, before work I’ve been able to accomplish in three to four hours what typically takes most people an entire day. With the schedule that I’m about to share plus the tips from my previous post, here’s how I’m able to accomplish so much in the mornings. 


"Learn how to maximize your mornings with a morning routine."




Quiet Time

I tend to start my day between 5 and 6 am. Before I do anything, I like to start out by giving the first moments of my day to God. For me, that looks like spending 45 minutes to an hour in prayer and in the Word. Some mornings, I will do a daily devotion. Other days I will do a word/book study, listen to a sermon, have a worship session, or read a couple of chapters and biblical commentaries. I don’t like to put my relationship with God into a box, therefore, I’m always switching things up so I don’t get bored. Spending time with Him allows me to put my day into perspective and draw my strength from Him. I can always tell a difference in my day when I haven’t taken the time to start it off with God.


Setting My Daily Intentions

If you’re not living intentionally, you are just existing, which is why I like to start off my day by setting my intentions. I like to do this by choosing my areas of focus for the day. Usually I’ll pick my top three to-dos the night before, that way the next morning I can review and strategize how I’ll go about completing them. Once I’ve done that, I like to review my month’s goals that I have written down on my whiteboard, so I can actively remind myself of what I’m aiming to accomplish before the month is over. This allows me to make sure that I’m intentionally filling my days with goal-oriented and purposeful activities.


Purposeful Activities 

Purposeful activities are exactly what they sound like — activities that serve a purpose in moving forward your God-given goals and/or purpose. I refuse to go into work without first taking the time to work on what God has created me to do. So naturally, I’ll take a hour to work on Fearfully Fashioned or work for my master’s program before I go into work. Some days, I have time to work on both, but for the most part I like to take at least 30 minutes each morning to purposefully and intentionally make time to move my goals forward. 



Exercise and movement have been shown to increase creativity and productivity, so I like to make sure that I make time for a morning workout as well. Not every morning is perfect, but I at least like to get between 25-45 minutes of exercise at least three to four times a week. I squeeze my workout into my morning routine, because I know if it doesn’t get done after 12pm, I’m most likely not going to do it. If you can relate to the afternoon struggle too, you might want to try to squeeze your workout into your morning as well. 


A Mini Pep Rally

After I’ve taken the time to have my quiet time, set my intentions, do my purposeful activities, and workout, I like to have a mini pep rally to gas me up for the day. While I get ready, I either turn on a motivational podcast or my Morning Motivation playlist to listen to while I get ready for work. During this time, I also say any affirmations or scriptures that will help me to have a positive outlook on my day. You have to step into the world with your armor and ammunition, and the best way that I do that is by pepping myself up with the Word, affirmations, and music. 


My morning routine was really created to help me make the most out of my day. I acknowledge that everyone is not a morning person, so build a routine that works best for you. A morning routine ultimately helps you to maximize your day by increasing your productivity and aptitude for carrying out your God-given goals and purpose. 


What does your morning routine look like? Share it with me in the comments below!