Waiting Is Apart of the Plan

Waiting Is Apart of the Plan | Fearfully Fashioned #patience #faith #FearfullyFashioned

How many of us are comfortable with having to wait for something that we really want? I’m pretty sure that the answer is none of us. As a society we want instant gratification. That is why everything is optimized for quickness and efficiency. There are microwaves, downloads, internet, food, and even fast fashion. We want everything quick, fast, and in a hurry. We operate in the now, and that’s how we configure our desires. We want everything right now. Many of us could crouch over and die at the thought of waiting any longer than we expected. 


We grapple with the uncertainty, the unknown, and the length of the wait until we forget an important principle: Waiting is apart of the plan. There are countless stories of God’s people having to wait in the Bible -- Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jacob, David, and those are just a few! Regardless of their story, God made them wait for their promises so He could develop and shape them for His plan. 


When you’re starting to get apprehensive or anxious about the waiting process remember these things: 


Waiting develops patience. 

No matter how big or small, whatever you are waiting for builds patience. We have to have patience and trust that God will fulfill his promises. Romans 8:25 tells us to wait expectantly and have confidence in what we are looking forward to. Instead of being impatient and throwing a childish temper tantrum, it’s important for us to trust in God’s perfect timing and will. 


Waiting builds trust, faith, and intimacy with God.

Waiting forces us to trust and depend on God. In order to do that, we must have faith that what we hope for will actually happen (Hebrew 11:1). It’s impossible to trust and please God without faith. Faith is how Abraham, Noah, Moses, and many others persevered to the end to receive the promises that God had in store.


Waiting gives us strength.

Just like exercise builds strength, waiting does too. The waiting process forces us to rely on God for our strength. He transfers his strength and power to us to help us fight until the finishing line. It allows us to have a fresh energy and fire to subdue our anxiety and exhaustion. 


Waiting protects us from ourselves.

Ultimately God makes us wait so He can protect us. He knows that we aren’t ready for all that He has for us. Our development takes times. Ecclesiastes 3:1-12 tells us that God appoints a time for everything that occurs in our life. He tells time when to stop and begin, and he operates on His schedule, not our own. He knows what we are ready for and what we are capable of. If the time hasn’t occurred for you to get what you want yet, you can guarantee that everything will happen in His perfect timing. It won’t happen a moment too soon or a moment too late.


What are you waiting for? Take some time today to pray over whatever it is that you are waiting on God for. Pray that He will give you the peace and patience to rest in His perfect will and timing.


I want to pray for you! Tell me one thing that you are waiting for in the comments below.