Refreshing Your Yearly Goals

Refreshing Your Yearly Goals | Life Designer University

We’re more than halfway finished with the year. Where do you stand with your goals? Maybe this year hasn’t gone as planned so far and you feel like you’ve failed at every single one of your goals. You’ve set your intentions, bought the planner, and created the to-do list but fell short on taking the action. Or maybe you have taken action but you haven’t made the progress you thought you would. Now you feel discouraged and incapable of moving forward, ready to roll your goals over to the next year.

I know how you feel. I’ve coached many clients through the ups and downs of goal setting. Before they began working with me they started strong only to lose steam halfway through the year because they lost sight of their goals or became discouraged by the process. Therefore, they table or write off the goals, chucking them up as a personal failure.

Maybe you feel like my clients do when they come to me: failing at every one of your goals. The year didn’t go like you thought you would and you wish you could pause, reset, and start over. Well, the good news is that you can. You don’t have to wait until the New Year to restart your goals. You can choose to start fresh today.

The reality could be that maybe it wasn’t the right season for your goals. Or maybe you had the right goals but the wrong methods. Whatever the reason may be, don’t let it be an excuse that keeps you from moving forward or pursuing what matters most to you. Now is the perfect time to reclaim your goals.

It is officially Back to School Season and although I’ve been long departed from a college campus, I love this time of the year because it signals a fresh start. The rest you received from the summer month, restores your focus so you can finish the year strong. Let’s talk about how you can finish the year just as strong as you started by refreshing your goals.

Review your goals.

Go back to the beginning of the year and review your goals. What were they? Did you write them down? Do you have a system in place to actively track them? Sometimes we don’t accomplish our goals because we forget that they exist! We have no reminders of what we are working towards and no way of tracking them. Review your goals and methods to determine the best course of action moving forward.

Assess your progress.

Progress isn’t necessarily about accomplishing the goal but taking consistent action. Remember, little by little progress does add up. You may not have gotten as far as you thought you would but don’t discount the progress that has been made. Progress is a sign of God’s faithfulness and the discipline that was displayed on your behalf to get you to this point. Maintain the momentum by keep moving forward.

Reconnect to your why.

As you refresh your goals, don’t forget about your why. Why did you get started to in the first place? Why does this goal matter to you? What are you hoping to accomplish? How would that accomplishment better your life and the lives of those around you? Your why is your fuel that keeps you going when you get off track. Reconnect to your why and it will renew your focus.

Determine your focus.

Where your focus goes your energy flows. Don’t divert your energy by focusing on all the things. Decide where you are and what’s going to best serve you in this season. This will help you to determine how you need to direct your focus.

Refresh your goals.

Now that you’ve reviewed your goals, assessed your progress, reconnected to you why, and determined your focus, now it’s time to refresh your goals. What goals need to stay and what goals need to be adjusted? What goals do you need to get rid of altogether? Remember your goals should evolve as you do. Set goals that will give you life, purpose, and elevate you to the next season.

You may not have made the progress you thought you would make, but there’s still time left to finish the year strong. Break out the goals you set at the beginning of the year, reconnect to your why, and refocus. If something’s not working for you, it’s okay to start over or pick back up where you left off. It’s by refreshing your goals that you can recommit and accomplish the goals that God is calling you to. 

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