How to Intentionally Reignite Your Relationship With God

How to Intentionally Reignite Your Relationship With God | Fearfully Fashioned #faith #spiritualdevelopment #FearfullyFashioned

Have you ever felt like you were going through a dry spell with God? You know, when you’re feeling like you’re just not growing or going deeper with Him? Maybe you find yourself forgetting to spend time with Him due to the busyness and chaos in your life. 


To be totally transparent, I’ve been there and every now and then, I find myself back in the same place. Sometimes, we get stuck in seasons when we just aren’t excited to spend time with Him. Other times, we feel like He’s nowhere to be found. I can tell you one thing, no matter how you feel or what dry spell you are in, He’s always there. He’s just waiting for your to press through your numbness, feelings, and pain to be intimate with Him. The key to overcoming a dry spell is to be intentional. Decide that you’re going p.u.s.h. (pray until something happens). The truth is, whether you are feeling it or not, it’s vital to your spiritual health that you prioritize your relationship with Him. 


In our book club, we are currently reading Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington. In one of the chapters, Alli explains that neglecting God is one of the signs of capacity overload, in other words, being stretched too thin. She points out how Jesus, in the midst of His busy schedule that consisted of praying, teaching, and healing others, always took time to meet with the Father. Now if He, of all people, can make time for God, why can’t you? 


In order to reignite your relationship with God, you must be intentional. That involves making the time and pressing through even when you don’t feel like it. When I was going through my dry season, it was because I had a monotonous routine where spending time with the Lord became a banal chore instead of a joyous privilege. If this sounds like you, here are some ways you can intentionally reignite your relationship with God. 


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Pray for the desire. 

Let’s be real. Sometime we just don’t feel like spending time with God. Whether you can relate to having a trite routine, or you find yourself too tired or busy to spend time with God, we all have our moments. Be real with God and tell Him how you feel. He knows your heart anyways, and He’s always there to woo you back to Him. Tell Him that you don’t feel the desire to read, study, or pray. Overtime, you will notice that those lukewarm feelings will turn into passionate fervor for Him. 


Realize you’re missing out. 

The truth is, you are missing out when you fail to spend to time with Him. There is so much encouragement, healing, enlightenment, and breakthrough that you can retrieve from being in His presence. 

Some of the things you can gain in His presence are: 

  • Blessings- Matt 6:33; John 15:1-5
  • Faith- Romans 10:17
  • Guidance- Psalms 119:105
  • The ability to fight temptation- Psalms 119:11
  • Your purpose- Jeremiah 29:11
  • Peace- Isaiah 26:3
  • Fruits of the spirit- Galatians 5:22-24 


Find what works best for you. 

A lot of us are bored because we are putting our relationship with God into a box. Your quiet time doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to switch it up! Here are some ideas to keep your relationship with God fresh:

  • Keep a prayer journal
  • Listen to a sermon. 
  • Read a devotional blog.
  • Read a spiritual/faith-based book.
  • Sit and listen for His voice. 
  • Do a word study to study what the Bible says about what you’re going through. 
  • Pray the Word
  • Have a praise and worship session. 
  • Go to a coffee shop. 
  • Look up ideas and resources on Pinterest.



Take your relationship with God seriously. 

I’m sure that many of us stay ready to talk with our significant other or best friend. Treat your relationship just as seriously as you would with any other intentional relationship with God. Just how you’re ready to go above and beyond for your friends, family, and loved ones, times that devotion and respect by ten and apply it towards your relationship with God. That looks like: 

  • Talking to Him regularly.
  • Listening to Him.
  • Getting to know Him. 
  • Aiming to please Him. 
  • Disclosing your inner secrets and hopes and desires with Him. 


Be intentional. 

Make your quiet time an intentional practice. The key thing with practice is that it’s not a one time thing. It’s habitual. Do this by:

  • Seeking His presence. (1 Chron. 16:11, Jer. 29:13, Prov. 8:17, Acts 17:27)
  • Scheduling time with Him as an appointment/meeting that can’t be missed.
  • Being consistent. Always show up and prepare yourself for His presence. 
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Getting through a dry spell can be hard, but you can trust that no matter where you are in your relationship with God, He is always there to meet you where you are.



How do you spend time with God? Let me know in the comments below.