See Summer Better With Warby Parker

See Summer Better with Warby Parker| Fearfully Fashioned #style #summer #FearfullyFashioned

Well the last days of summer have finally arrived. It’s always a bittersweet time of year. You yearn for the brisk, cool air that fall brings, but at the same time, you reminisce on all of your summer memories. We want all the beauty and coziness of fall, but yet we still crave those hot summer days. Who says it all has to end?


With fall officially beginning on Wednesday, it is possible to get caught in between a rock and a hard place. It really is a season of transition. Fall means that cool weather, cozy sweaters, and the holidays are on the way, but at the same time that means that vacations are coming to an end, the days are getting shorter, and it’s back to your monotonous work/school routine.  While we could complain about these glorious days ending, why not choose to transition into fall by seeing summer better? 


Put together a scrapbook or vision board of your favorite captured summer memories.

What better way to warm up during the fall with a little heat from the summer? The greatest part about seasons are that they are cyclical. By keeping your summer memories near, they serve as a sweet reminder of what will return.


Transition your favorite summer pieces into cozy fall outfits.

Just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean you have to kiss your summer accessories goodbye! There are still bound to be sunny days ahead. Pair your favorite summer jacket and sunnies with cozy leggings and booties for a season appropriate look. 


Look for different aspects of summer in your favorite places.

For me, some of my favorite summer moments took place in my favorite bakery in Greensboro, NC, Maxie B’s. Here is where I’ve had countless summer meetings, girl time, and most importantly I got the vision and inspiration to rebrand Fearfully Fashioned. Summer doesn’t have to be a constant in order for you to savor your memories and experiences. That’s why we are choosing to #SeeSummerBetter.


The #SeeSummerBetter campaign with Warby Parker is all about capturing and savoring the experience of summer. All of the Warby Parker sunglasses are crafted with titanium for the perfect anti-slip fit and equipped with anti-reflective and scratch resistant coating to maintain the utmost clarity in your vision. They even offer prescription sunglasses too! 


Obviously you don’t have to abandon the summer season completely for fall. Choose what aspects of summer that you want to incorporate into the fall season. It’s all about creating an appreciative balance of both seasons. Embracing a new one, while savoring the other.


In what ways will you be savoring the summer? Let me know in the comments below.



Photography by Aurelius Creates.