September 2017 PowerSheets Goals: Business Edition

September 2017 Goals | Fearfully Fashioned -- Each month I share my intentional, good goals that I've created with my PowerSheets. This month I'm taking you behind the scenes of my business. See how I'm fashioning my life this month. Click to read now or pin to save for later. #goalsetting #PowerSheets #FearfullyFashioned

If you follow me on Instagram, I had posted a few months back on Insta Stories that I decided to get a second set of PowerSheets to track my business goals. One of my goals for 2018 is to move into full-time entrepreneurship, so I wanted to get intentional in making sure that I was accomplishing my most important business goals. The PowerSheets have been a game changer in my personal life, so I decided to buy a second set to see if they would be as equally effective in my business.


At first, I was a little skeptical if I would need a second set, but now that I have them, I will always buy a second set for business.  I’m about three months into using them for business, and I’m so excited for 2018’s launch so I can start planning out the new year. Writing out my business goals using the Tending List has shown me specifically where I need to take action in my business. At the beginning of the month, I like to sit down with my PowerSheets and brainstorm my business goals for the month. Then after I’m finished, I will transfer them into my Asana account and assign dates and reminders for each goal and task; that way if I forget to look at my goals, I’m reminded and notified through my phone.


This month I’m trying out some new processes as well as working on some pretty rigorous goals, so I decided to give you a behind the scenes and a sneak peek of what I’m working on this month. I hope this gives you the inspiration and motivation to intentionally work on your God-given vision this month!


September Goals


Monthly Goals:

September 2017 Goals | Fearfully Fashioned -- Each month I share my intentional, good goals that I've created with my PowerSheets. This month I'm taking you behind the scenes of my business. See how I'm fashioning my life this month. Click to read now or pin to save for later. #goalsetting #PowerSheets #FearfullyFashioned


1) Stick to the Get Clients Now Program

Get Clients Now is a 28-day program for coaches and consultants. I bought the book a few months ago when I decided to launch my two new coaching programs. My goal is to fill both of my coaching programs by first quarter next year, so I’m excited to go through my first round of this program.


2) Bring on four new clients

To be honest, apart of me is nervous to even share this goal. This is a push goal for me and a goal I’ve set for the Get Clients Now Program. I’ll be following my success ingredients outlined in the program to help me reach this goal.


3) Create and contact a list of referrals

Did you know that word of mouth is the best type of marketing strategy? It’s even more effective than social media. Why? Because people buy from who they know, like, and trust. I recently created a client referral program, and now I want to challenge myself to expand my network of colleagues to build community, be of service, and refer clients who may need additional services.


4) Map out the Fashion Your Life Coaching Program Relaunch.

The Fashion Your Life Coaching Program was my first signature one-on-one coaching program, but now I’m relaunching it as a group coaching program! This month I’m focusing on outlining the program and refreshing the curriculum. In the program we will be learning how to:

  • Manifest a positive, growth mindset
  • Strengthen & grow a consistent relationship with God
  • Uncover your passions, purpose, & assignment
  • Develop discipline & create consistent habits
  • Steward your time & create routines
  • Set purpose-driven goals

If you’re interested in joining the program when it relaunches, click here to join the waiting list!


5) Refine Facebook Advertising.

Last month, I took a leap of faith and tried out Facebook ads and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Paid advertising is new to me, so I want to make sure that I’m learning new strategies and refining as I go. This month I will be creating and testing out some new ad sets, so I’m interested to see how they will perform.


6) Plan out and schedule October’s content.

Due to the changes in my schedule over the last few months, I decided to try out a new content creation process. Instead of scheduling out blog posts, newsletters, and social media weekly, I’m trying out scheduling everything a month in advance. With my new schedule and priorities, it’s been hard for me to stay on top of content every week. Over the next few months I’ll be sitting down to schedule all my content for the next month about one to two weeks before. Hopefully this allows me to stay on top of content while giving me space to focus on bringing on new clients and creating new products and services.


7) Finish creating coaching scripts.

I’ve been coaching for about two years now, and I’ve never thought of creating scripts for sessions. My coaching certification program introduced me to the concept of scripts to develop consistency in the quality of coaching sessions. I’ve already created the template for them, I just need to go back to edit and refine them.


8) Record numbers and stats.

I hate keeping up with numbers, but I’m quickly learning that they are the heart of the business. I’ve been watching a show on CNBC called The Profit and the host always stresses to the businesses he chooses to invest in the importance of knowing their numbers. If you don’t know or keep up with your numbers, it’s nearly impossible to have a profitable and growing business. I’ve put a monthly reminder in my Asana account to sit down and check my numbers each month to make sure that I’m hitting my revenue goals. It serves as a health check for my business and I’m able to reflect and strategize for the next month.


9) Finish setting up Interact account.

One of my goals for last month was to create a new signature opt-in. I was having a hard time deciding what kind of opt-in I wanted to create, so when Interact reached out to me sharing their quiz creation platform, I was all for it. Interact is a tool you can use to create Buzz-feed like quizzes to grow your email list and drive sales. I especially love how it can import subscribers into segmentations in email marketing services like Active Campaign and more. It took me about two hours to get the quiz up and running, and I’ll be finishing up my automations this month. If you’re looking for a creative way to grow your email list, feel free to try the Interact platform and discover creative ways to grow your email list with interactive quizzes by taking my own on Finding Your Best Next Step.


10) Update Website SEO.

If you’ve been keeping up with Fearfully Fashioned for the past few months, you might have seen subtle changes to the website. I’ve been making a lot of changes and have been meaning to go back and edit the SEO (search engine optimization) on my pages. Search engine optimization is what helps your site get recognized by Google and other search engines, so it’s super important that your site is optimized for SEO.

Weekly Goals:

1)Review finances and budget


2) Review numbers and stats


3) #TendingListTuesday

Tending List Tuesday is a routine that the team over at Cultivate What Matters recently created to make sure that we are keeping up with your PowerSheets goals. I basically live in between two houses, so I don’t always have my PowerSheets with me. Tending List Tuesday is a great way for me to make sure that I’m setting aside some time to intentionally make progress on my goals.


4) Beautiful You Coaching Homework

Daily Goals:

1)Pray over Fearfully Fashioned


2)Work on Success Ingredients


3)Read a business book


4)Online network for 15 minutes

Confession time: I’m a horrible networker. Although I have extroverted tendencies, I’m realizing how much of an introvert I am at heart (even on the Internet). I’m working on pushing myself out of my comfort zone to connect with colleagues and potential clients. Plus it’s a great way for me to keep a pulse on what’s going on in my industry and the problems that my audience is facing. My goal is to engage in my online networking venues for at least 15 minutes a day.


I hope you enjoyed me taking you behind the scenes of what I’m working on at Fearfully Fashioned. If you would like me to keep sharing my business goals, leave me a comment below and let me know!

What are your monthly goals? Share them with me in the comments below!

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