Shopping Tips For The Girl On a Budget

Shopping Tips For The Girl On A Budget | Fearfully Fashioned #style #shopping #budgetingtips #FearfullyFashioned

Swayed by the newest items? Enticed by the pretty packaging? Who isn't?! As women, we love new, pretty things that catches our eye. While we love to lavish and treat ourselves with presents and gifts, truth be told, many of us don't have the budget to do so. Impulsive shopping is an area where a lot of women struggle. We are constantly bombarded by social media, advertisements, and product reviews convincing us that we need new things. In order to have self-control, it's best to develop discipline when you are trying to stick to a budget. It is possible to snag great quality items, while saving your coins. Here are five shopping tips to keep your budget in tact. 

Plan ahead.

Make a list of the items that you need. Once you do that, don’t deviate from your list. Develop your self-control and discipline by sticking to the essentials only.

Go to the store with a predetermined budget.

Having a budget helps you to not only stay focused on your shopping list, but stay focused on your financial goals as well. Use self-control and implement a budget. Your wallet will thank you and you'll avoid those feelings of buyer remorse. 

Use cash only.

It’s way better to use cash to pay for your purchase than to get yourself into debt. Set boundaries for yourself. Once you use your cash, let that be it. Count on being done shopping for the rest of the month. If you do decide to use a credit card, make sure that you have enough cash to pay it off right away. 

Compare prices.

Most stores carry the same products. The Everygirl has great advice on comparing prices and saving while shopping. Shop around to see which retailers have the lowest prices. Red Laser is a great app as well. It allows you to compare prices, see reviews, and the top coupons of the day.

Utilize apps.

Besides Red Laser, there are other fantastic apps where you can find coupons, deals, and savings. Some of my personal favorites are Retail Me Not, Shopular, Groupon, and lbotta. If you shop online, familiarize yourself with cashback saving programs and websites such as Ebates

I know it can be hard to stay disciplined when you are roaming those aisles at the store. That's why I've created a little shopping companion for you to hold you accountable. Just click the button to download your free checklist for shopping on a budget.


How do you save money while shopping? Tell me in the comments below.