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Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

I’ve never cared too much for change. I have no shame admitting that I love stability and comfort. Don’t we all to a certain degree? Whether it’s the comfort of hearing your mother’s voice, or the contentment of walking into your cozy home, or the gratification of having a steady paycheck, the truth is we all crave comfort and favor the familiar.

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Setting Goals That Are In Season

Last summer, I was in the throes of wedding planning, and if you’ve been married before you know what that means: stress upon stress upon stress. We were four months out from the wedding and almost every other day was filled with venue visits, cake tastings, decor meetings, and other taxing to-dos.

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How to Get Back on Track With Your Purpose and Goals

For most of us, January is a month of planning or testing. Some of us are just getting around to setting our yearly goals, while the rest of us are finalizing and testing them out. Either way, it’s an opportunity for us to start fresh, pursuing the things that matter to us most.

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