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Take the Leap: Abandoning Uncertainty for a Life of Faith & Purpose

My whole entire life I’ve always craved some form of stability. I crafted my plans to support a life of comfort and what I thought to be safe and sound living. How many of us go about life striving to do the same - to create a life of comfort and tradition?  I would base my plans on what I could see and know to be “wise” or "true," but of course God was calling me to everything but that.

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Are You A Good Steward?

For the longest, I always thought being a good steward only applied to personal finances. I grew up hearing the Parable of the Talents, and because the example directly discussed money and investment, I knew that I always had to take care of money wisely.  Little did I know that stewardship goes beyond finances. It applies to every area of your life. 

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5 Daily Devotional Blogs for Purpose Driven Women

My quiet time has always been a sacred time. I live to have small pockets of time to connect with God. Even when I was a little girl, I was so eager to spend time with Him. I think what I loved most about meeting with Him was that it provided me an outlet to do one of my favorite hobbies, reading. Reading took me into a world where even then, I could connect with God on a whole other level.

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