Take the Leap: Abandoning Uncertainty for a Life of Faith & Purpose

Take the Leap: Abandoning Uncertainty for a Life of Faith & Purpose | Fearfully Fashioned -- Taking a leap of faith doesn't require knowing the what, who, when, where, why, and how. It requires faith knowing and trusting that God there is to catch and lead you as He calls your forth to accept His call. Click to read or pin to save for later to discover how you can take the leap and live a life of faith and purpose. #faith #purpose #FearfullyFashioned

My whole entire life I’ve always craved some form of stability. I crafted my plans to support a life of comfort and what I thought to be safe and sound living. How many of us go about life striving to do the same - to create a life of comfort and tradition?  I would base my plans on what I could see and know to be “wise” or "true," but of course God was calling me to everything but that. Every time I thought I was safe and secure in my plans, God would derail them with His ultimate plan for me. You see, He already had crafted the perfect blueprint for my life, but I was too busy trying to redesign it to fit my own. The "unknown" bred feelings of insecurity and instability into my life. For some reason, I battled between trying to forge on with my own plans, because I wanted to know the what, who, when, where, why, and how. I thrived on knowing these things. I wanted this security and comfort, but God was calling me higher. He was calling me to take the leap and live a life of faith, not comfort and security. 


Many of us go about life embracing these same notions. We have our own plans, but then God calls us to something that is outside of the comfort zone of our plans, and how we respond to Him is ever indicative of our faith and belief in Him. 


"How we respond to God in the midst of uncertainty is ever indicative of our faith & belief in Him."



How do you respond when God calls you? Do you take the leap and say, “Wherever you lead me, Lord, I will go?” Do you say, “whatever you call me to do, Lord, I will do?” Or are you stuck trying to determine the what, who, when, where, why, and how? 


I see so many women, including myself at times, who let the non-factors, the what-ifs, and illogical fears keep them from taking the leap into what God has called them to do. They make every excuse as to why they can’t answer God’s call. 

“Well, God, I don’t have enough money to start this ministry.” 

“Well, God, I want to do missions, but how am I going to eat and live?”

“Well, God, I want to start this business, but the world says that I need to work 25 years, retire, and then pursue my God-given dreams.” 


I get that we all have fears and doubts that plague our minds at times, but how many of us know that He chose the things that the world considers foolish to shame the wise? (1 Cor. 1:27) 


Taking the leap doesn’t mean you are given a pass to be foolish. It’s a charge to pick up your cross and follow Him. It’s a call to trust in Him while leaning into His understanding, not your own. It’s an invitation to have faith and know that He’s working things out for your good because you are called according to His purpose and plan (Rom. 8:28). The question is will you answer the call? Will you abandon your comfort and plans to take the leap? 


Apart of taking the leap means choosing faith over your feelings. There may be times when you feel insecure. There may be times when you don’t feel like things are going to work out, but you can take the leap trusting that He will lead and provide.  When you encounter these feelings, take a moment to check-in with God. Realign your feelings to His Word, and then leap, trusting that He will catch you. 


I know that it can be hard to disregard everything that you traditionally believe to live a life of faith and purpose. I’ve recently made a risky decision that required me to do the same. That’s why I’ve created some self-reflection questions and a scripture guide to give you more peace as you take the leap of faith into a life of purpose. Click the button below to download your free guided mini workbook. **(Please Note: This mini workbook is available to subscribers in the Resource Closet. Please log in to download).


Have you recently had to abandon your plans to take a major leap of faith? Share with me your story in the comments below!