Self-Love: The Art of Self-Possession

Self- Love: The Art of Self-Possession + A Free Affirmation Guide | Fearfully Fashioned #selflove #affirmations #FearfullyFashioned

As women, God has given us one of the most intimate gifts -- the ability to love deeply and passionately. We feel so much love and compassion towards others that it’s easy to give it away. The problem is not that it's  hard finding the capacity to love others. The most difficult problem presents itself when it comes to loving ourselves. 


A lot of us go through life making others our priority. Whether it’s taking care of an ill family member, tending to a overly needy friend, or ensuring the happiness of our boyfriends or husbands, we always make sure that they are happy, even if it’s at the expense of our own. 


Emotions and energy are easily depleted when we don’t take the time to care for our inner-soul. When we don’t make time for self-care we are more susceptible to feeling inadequate, insecure, and incapable of doing what God has purposed us to do. 


Women who have been able to achieve a balance between self-care and serving others have been able to successfully embrace what is known as self-possession. To be self-possessed is to be calm, confident, and in control of your emotions. It’s being able to have a heightened sense of awareness to know when and how you should care for yourself. 


The art of self-possession is a sacred gift that any woman can obtain. It’s not just a state of being but rather an art or practice to incorporate daily in your self-care routine. It’s one of the highest forms of self-love that is available. I want you to stop and ask yourself, “Am I a self-possessed woman?” 


A self-possessed woman...

Prioritizes knowing herself. She knows that she can’t find her worth or purpose in others but within who God created her to be.


A self-possessed woman...

Makes time for self-care. A woman who’s self-possessed knows that her beauty transcends her outward appearance. She manifests loves inwardly which exudes outwardly. She regularly engages in her favorite hobbies and makes time for personal development. She ultimately knows that self-care is necessary to care for others. 


A self-possessed woman...

Gives herself permission. She doesn’t need to seek validation from others. Her opinions of herself are based off of God’s Word. A self-possessed woman is confident and trusts that her decisions will render impact and light because God has given her the grace and permission to be her true self. 


A self-possessed woman...

Is content with who and where she is. A self-possessed woman knows that there is room for everyone to win. Comparison and envy doesn’t get the best of her. She practices gratitude daily and is a good steward over her life. She knows that in due time she will always reap what she sows. 


A self-possessed woman...

Affirms herself. A woman who is self-possessed transcends the confident woman. A self-possessed woman doesn’t look or wait to be affirmed by others. She exudes faith, hope, and love in herself by consistently affirming and manifesting her desires and God's will in her life.


In order to practice the art of self-possession it requires you to be very intentional about your thoughts and what you are speaking over your life. Download your free daily affirmation guide to achieve the highest form of self-love and possession.