The Difference Between Passion & Purpose

The Difference Between Passion & Purpose | Fearfully Fashioned #passion #purpose #FearfullyFashioned

What lights you up? What do you find yourself constantly researching or obsessing over? Nine times out of ten, the things that you find yourself drawn to are your passions. They are the things that you have an intense liking and desire for.  While you may have something you are passionate towards, it’s important that you don’t confuse it with your purpose. Your passions will serve as tools in carrying out God's calling for your life.



"Learn the difference between passion & purpose."




Your purpose is the reason in which God created you to exist. Unlike your purpose, your passions may change, but they are an integral part of forwarding your purpose. God will combine your gifts and passions to help you accomplish your purpose. 


Many people think they have to go searching for their calling, but the truth is, it’s already inside of you. You see, the difference between passion and purpose is that passion is something you look for, while purpose is already placed inside of you. As you stumble across interesting things, meet new people, have different experiences, your passions may develop and shift, but your purpose will always remain the same. It’s that special burden that He’s placed inside of you to help you forward His kingdom.


As women of God, are ultimate purpose is to bring God glory by winning people over for His Kingdom (Matthew 2:16-20). At the end of the day, we won't be content or satisfied unless we are fulfilling this purpose in some form or capacity. The great thing about God, is that He is so attentive and creative that He has taken the time to create a plan for our lives to help us pursue that purpose. He does that by placing certain burdens and visions in and on our heart. That burden that you have for a certain group of people, that thing that incenses you to action, that vision to see something carried out is the purpose that God has given you to carry out His kingdom mission. You don't have to go find it. It's something that God has already placed inside of you. He will take your hobbies, interests and passions and use them as tools and vehicles to help carry out your purpose. For example, my purpose is to inspire and motivate women, but I'm passionate about blogging. Therefore, my passion, blogging, is a tool that I use to carry out my purpose. 


If you want to get clear on your purpose, I suggest that you pray that God will point you in that direction by helping you to identify what He’s given you a passion for. Here are some questions to keep in mind when you are identifying your passions and purpose.



Go back to your childhood.

Your childhood is when your mind was in its purest and most innocent state. What were the things that you loved to do? What were the things that you wanted to achieve?  



What are your favorite hobbies or things you enjoy doing?

You will find that the things that you are passionate about are linked to the things you like to do. Since I was young, I stayed in the books. My hobby for reading books and blogs led me to my passion of starting one. 



What is one thing you that you would do if money wasn't an issue?

Even if my coaching business dissolved, I will always find myself inspiring and motivating women. It is what God created me to do. All throughout my life, I found that friends would come to me for motivation or advice. God has given me a passion for women and a burden to see them live out God’s plan for their life. Even if I didn't make a dime, I would still find myself serving women.



What makes you come alive?

Ask yourself what truly feeds your soul. What are the things that you love to do? Is there a certain people group or cause that you have a burden for? These may just be the things and people you are called to. 



What do you find yourself obsessing over? 

If you find yourself constantly obsessing or researching something in particular, chances are you are passionate about it. A good way to find out your obsessions is to browse through your browser or Google history. Do you notice a theme in your keywords? Take note of any reoccurring words or themes.



What is the thing that you would most regret not doing if you died tomorrow? 

If you die tomorrow, what would be the biggest thing that you regret not doing? Do you have a certain group of people you always wanted to touch? Would you be regretful of not sharing the gift that God told you to share? God has given you something to share with the world, and that is apart of your purpose. If there is anything that God is laying on your heart to do, you don’t want to leave the earth without doing it. Your objective should be to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21) 


The objective of finding our passions and uncovering our purpose is to make sure that we are fashioning our lives according to God’s purpose and plan. It’s not about chasing your dreams. It’s about chasing His will for your life. By being faithful to His plan, He will shape your dreams and desires to look like His. He’s given you certain passions and purposes for a reason. I know it can be difficult to figure out what your passions are and what you are specifically called to do. That’s why I’ve created a mini guided workbook to help you uncover your passions and live a life full of purpose. Click the button below for your free download. (Please Note: If you’re on my email list, this download is housed in the Resource Closet). 



What are you passionate about? Let me know in the comments below.