The Three Most Important Ingredients to Achieve Your God-Given Goals

The Three Most Important Ingredients to Achieve Your God-Given Goals | Life Designer University -- goal setting tips, goal setting for adults, goal setting for business, personal development, self improvement, Christian life coaching, Life Designer University

Most people fall into the bucket of great planners. They have the most inspiring paper planners, beautiful stationery, and precise pens, and they can create a well thought out plan and a mean to-do list. They even set some pretty aspirational goals inspired by deep-rooted dreams. But unfortunately, that’s where their dreams and goals stay — plans in their notebooks.


The thing is you can create the plans and set all the goals in the world, but there is only one thing that is going to make your goals happen — execution. The woman who can successfully take her goals from dream to reality is the woman who knows how to execute her goals, and that execution consists of three main ingredients: 1) action 2) consistency and 3) accountability.



Without action, your dreams will remain exactly where they are— in your head. It’s fun to plan and talk about your goals, but you will not see results until you take action. People spend so much time goal setting that they forget about the implementing. When I’m sitting down to work with my private clients, the first thing we do after setting the goals is create an action plan. If you’re having a hard time deciding where to start, brainstorm 3-5 action steps that will move you in the direction of your goals.  Your actions are what make your goals happen. 



You can’t just take action every now and then, you must take consistent action with your goals. Many people underestimate the consistent and persistent effort that is required to see progress. No goal is ever accomplished by a one-time effort but by taking continuous, regular action. If you’re not getting results, ask yourself, “Am I being consistent?” The first step to cultivating consistency is being committed to your goals, and commitment involves making a decision — a decision that despite how you feel or despite what happens, you’re committed to seeing your goals and purpose through.



Action and consistency are required in achieving your goals, but the biggest ingredient that too many are missing is accountability. Accountability is what holds you responsible for whether or not you reach your goals. Be selective in choosing the right partner. They need to be the right type of accountability — a person who is invested in your wellbeing and devoted to your goals. And it’s not just enough to have an accountability partner; you need to have regular meetings with them. Research says that you can increase the chances of reaching your goals by 95% just by having regular meeting with someone who’s holding you accountable. It immediately uplevels your commitment when you have another person who is believing in you. Find someone to hold you accountable —a trusted friend, family member, mentor, or even a coach. Again, the key here is to find someone that is committed to encouraging you to make your goals happen.


If you want to achieve your God-given goals, you have to make the transition from dreamer to doer and that happens by taking consistent action toward your goals and having someone hold you accountable through the process. Here at Life Designer University, I offer one-on-one coaching specifically designed to not only hold you accountable but give you a custom created strategy to help you walk in your purpose & achieve your goals in life or business. Click the button below to learn more about our coaching programs and apply for a complimentary Clarity Session.