Why You Should Conduct A Personal SWOT Analysis for Your Career

Why You Should Conduct A Personal SWOT Analysis For Your Career | Fearfully Fashioned #swotanalysis #careerdevelopment #FearfullyFashioned

Every now and then, it’s good to take a personal inventory of where you are in your career. No matter if you’re looking to apply for a new job, transitioning careers or wanting to climb the corporate ladder, it’s good to know how you can make the most out of your talents and opportunities. One of the ways you can analyze those talents and opportunities is by conducting a SWOT analysis. 


If you know a thing or two about business, a SWOT analysis is how companies analyze how they or their product/service is performing in the market. Just how businesses use a SWOT analysis to grow their company or brand, you can apply the model personally to grow yourself and career. It’s easy to accelerate to the top when you know what areas you are performing well in and the other areas that need improvement. The SWOT analysis allows you to identify how internal and external factors can manifest in your life and career. The strengths and weaknesses section provides you with internal reflection to examine personal characteristics that could enhance or undermine your success. Opportunities and threats, on the other hand, give insight to external factors that can either further or block successes in your career. 


 "The SWOT analysis allows you to identify how internal and external factors can manifest in your life and career."

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Let’s take a further look on how you can conduct a personal SWOT analysis for your career. 



Strengths are any positives or assets that you bring to your career or company. These are the traits that set you apart from others and your competition. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What comes natural to you? 
  • What sets you apart from your competition (Include degrees, skills, certifications, connections).
  • What do others identify as your strengths? 
  • How do you add or will add value to your current or future employer? 
  • How influential is your network? 



Weaknesses are areas that need improvement. Be intentional and take the time to work on these areas to convert your weaknesses into strengths. Ask yourself: 

  • What areas of your career need improvement? 
  • What tasks or responsibilities make you feel inadequate? 
  • In what areas do you receive critique? 
  • Do you have any negative work habits? (i.e. being late, gossiping, anger, unorganized, chatty). 
  • Do you need to acquire additional education or skills?



Opportunities are the external factors that can contribute to your growth, hiring, or promotion in your field. Use your strengths to seek out any new opportunities that will support you in your career. Answer these questions:

  • Are you up to date on what’s happening in your industry? 
  • Are there any trade journals or publications that you can subscribe to? 
  • What industry events or conferences can you attend this year? 
  • What networking opportunities can you capitalize on?
  • Is there a need in your field or workplace that you can fill? 



Threats are external factors that are preventing you from reaching the next level in your career. You can identify them by asking these questions:

  • What’s changing in your industry?
  • What obstacles are you facing at work? 
  • Are you competing for a new role or promotion? 
  • Are there any external factors posing themselves as potential issues? 
  • Can your weaknesses turn into threats? 


If done correctly and objectively, a SWOT analysis can be very beneficial in your personal and career development. Once you have conducted your analysis make sure you that you act on your findings by implementing change and executing your goals. To assist you I have created Fashion Your Career, a free  Personal SWOT Analysis Assessment worksheet. Click the button below to receive your free download. (Please Note: If you’re on my email list, this worksheet is available in the Resource Closet).**


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