Design a life that you & God love.

Stop letting negative thinking, lack of clarity, and strategy keep you from uncovering your purpose and achieving your God-given goals.  Design a life that both you and God will love.


Life Designer (v): one who takes initiative to design a life of purpose & intention. 

a coaching program designed to help you uncover purpose, achieve your goals & design a purpose-driven life that you & God love.


The Life Designer Coaching Program was designed for you, especially if you've been letting negative thinking, the lack of discipline and clarity hold you back from uncovering your purpose or pursuing your God-given goals.

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what God has called you to do or how you should go about achieving your God-given goals. Add to that the anxiety and frustration that comes from taking your life into your own hands, throwing things at the wall hoping that something may stick.  Meanwhile, you're frustrated from seeing everyone else live out their God-given purpose and achieve their goals and you keep having this recurring thought that you should be so much further than you are right now.

Hi, I'm Janelle Brown...


and for years I let fear and self-sabotage keep me from pursuing my God-given goals. I was fearful of my future because I didn't know what my God-given purpose was, and I was too busy trying to take things into my own hands. Before I knew it, I was in a master's program unfulfilled, because I was unknowingly following my passion and the world's standard for success, not my purpose.

That fear and self-sabotage led me to procrastinate when it came to pursuing my God-given goals. Because I didn't know my purpose, I had no direction. It wasn't until I went into a season of fasting and prayer that the Lord revealed to me what my purpose is, which is to inspire & motivate women to live purpose-driven lives. He told me that my purpose was in me all along, it was just waiting to be uncovered. In that moment, I decided that I was going to stop self-sabotaging and feeling sorry for myself. I was going to include God in my plans. I was going to design a life of intention and purpose. I was going to design a life that me and God loved, and now I want to help you do the same.


After hearing from my readers and clients who struggle with the same thing, I discovered that Christian women desiring to live a purpose-driven life tend to struggle with one or more of these three core problems:


Anxiety, overwhelm, fear, and inadequacy are the soundtrack of your mind. You meditate on these thoughts and they sabotage you before you even get started. These thoughts lead you to feel inadequate, unqualified, overwhelmed, and questioning if you're even cut out for your purpose and goals.

Life Designer Pain Points.png

You lack clarity-- clarity around your life, purpose, and goals. You know that God has called you, but you're not sure to what. Therefore, you enroll in degree programs and choose careers that sound successful, but in the back of your mind, you know that you're called to something greater.


You're a great planner and goal setter. You just have a hard time taking consistent, disciplined action. You're not going forward and you're not going backward.  You're just stuck wondering why you're having such a hard time taking consistent action. 

You're about to learn exactly how to overcome negative thinking, gain clarity on your purpose to design a life that you and God love.

What You'll Get is:

  • A Complimentary Clarity Session where we'll get clear on your current situation and what you want to accomplish

  • A Design Your Life Welcome Packet that explains the coaching process and expectations

  • 6 or 12 (depending on the need) x 60- minute coaching sessions (held every 2 weeks)

  • A personalized client notebook where you'll have access to all of the notes and recordings of each session

  • Tasks, resources, workbooks, and homework to keep you growing in between sessions

  • Unlimited chat support between sessions


But What You'll Take Away is:

  • A renewed mindset that will allow you to overcome fear, anxiety, overwhelm, and self-sabotage to pursue your God-given goals

  • Clarity on your God-given purpose

  • Clarity and strategy to start or cultivate your God-given goals

  • The ability to take strategic and consistent action

  • The confidence, discipline, and tools needed to move forward in your God-given purpose regardless of your career choice


The Process


Set purpose-driven goals

The foundation of goal setting starts with the mind, and in order to set purpose-driven goals, you must renew yours. In this strategy session I'll help you overcome negative thinking & self-sabotage to uncover your purpose and set purpose-driven goals.


Design a life of vision & Value

Designing a purpose-driven life starts with your vision. Here we'll define your personal values and visioneer what it looks like for you to live a purpose-driven life. 


Live Limitlessly

This step is all about embracing the limitless God to choose purpose-driven options. It can be easy to get caught up in the details of your God-sized dream. Together we'll explore your options & narrow them down by choosing purpose-driven options.


Create Your LIfe Design Strategy

These sessions are all about creating your custom Life Design Strategy. Together we'll create a solid action plan to help you purpose your God-given purpose and goals.


Reflect and Celebrate

At this stage, you have finally arrived to the finish line! You're celebrating purpose and progress over perfection. This is where you thank God for what He has grown in you and you move forward in cultivating and stewarding your purpose well.


What are the Life Designers Saying?

Janelle was able to help me set goals for my makeup business and learn new ways to manage my schedule. After her coaching sessions, I feel that now my makeup business will be better than ever!

Honestly, I don't remember how I came about finding Fearfully Fashioned, but when I did a Clear the Clutter Clarity Session with Janelle for the Fashion Your Life program, it was like a light bulb went off! This was the answer to what I was looking for! Since Day 1, Janelle has been there to help me in developing discipline I need. She's kicked me into high gear and inspired me to go after what I was called to do, to see myself the way God sees me, to no longer live in fear and create the life I've been desiring to have with the Holy Spirit's help. This program is different in that, it doesn't sell fluff! It doesn't sell you a way to find your purpose. It goes deeper than that! It shows how to identify yourself by renewing your mind, developing a relationship with God and from there understand who you are in your purpose and how to cultivate tools like discipline and time-management to achieve the goals formulated from your purpose. It's a total package and tools I'll take with me for the rest of my life. I'm beyond happy to have this wealth of information in my life and will tell anybody I know that if they want a LIFE investment, then the Fashion Your Life Program is the perfect medicine for them!

- Cydney Pollard, Cydney Pollar Art

Janelle has helped me transform things from a thought to a reality by organizing my life, goal setting, and staying consistent.

Janelle is a great coach and I'm proud of her for making her dreams into a reality by using her gifts and passions. Janelle has helped me transform things from a thought to a reality by organizing my life, goal setting, and staying consistent. I appreciate the fact that she uses the Word of God as a platform and guidance for her ministry to help others reach their full potential. Before I began my sessions, I had all these ideas as a multi-passionate woman, but I couldn't figure out how to execute them around my "busy" schedule. After sitting with Janelle monthly and figuring out how to prioritize my focuses, I have made major strides in my goals and ambitions.

- Shayna Bailey, Mod Compass

Your Investment:

3 month program: $500/Month or a One-Time Payment of $1,350 ($1,500 value)


6 month program: $500/month or a one time payment of $2,700 ($3,000 Value)



Not sure if coaching is for you, but still need the clarity, accountability, and strategy?

The Life Designer Intensive is perfect for those who still need clarity but aren't ready to commit to a 3 or 6 month coaching program. In this laser-focused 90-minute Intensive, you will walk away with a personalized, short-term strategy with clarity on how to pursue your purpose and goals. You will receive a pre-session assessment, a short-term Life Map Action Plan, and a week of email accountability and support.

Your Investment: 

a one-time payment of $199



As your coach, I promise you this: I will show up, support you, and be there for you every step of the way.

We weren't meant to walk out this life on our own. I'll listen to you, pray for you, and make space for what matters to you most during this season. We'll have deep, meaningful conversations- some filled with powerful breakthrough, and some that are just light and carefree. Everything that we'll do will be according to your pace, but know I'm here to give you that added push you need to accomplish your goals and pursue your purpose. I'm here to remind you of just how capable you are, but most importantly, I'm here to help you become all that God has called you to be and pursue the goals and purpose that He's placed on your heart.

All I ask is that you give this process 110%. Your results are solely based on what you put in. Over three to six months we can and will accomplish so much together as you design a purpose-driven life that you and God love.

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