The On-Purpose Life Class

A four-week class designed to help you understand God’s purposes for you and the foundations of purpose-driven living. You were made for more. Discover what that more is in The On-Purpose Life Class.


Do you know your God-given purpose?

I mean truly know it?

So many people confuse their purpose with their career, role, or lifestyle but purpose is so much more.  These are all ways to carry out your purpose but not your purpose in itself.  You were made for more.

But nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what that “more” is. In result, you spend all this time listening to sermons, attending these conferences, and reading these books and still no luck. Meanwhile, you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping that something will stick, pointing you to your purpose.

 Hi, my name is Janelle Alexandra,

and I know exactly how you feel because that’s exactly where I was when I set out to uncover my God-given purpose. I knew that I was called, but I wasn’t sure what I was being called to. Although I was passionate about a few things, I wasn't sure if they were what God was calling me to. So I started fasting and praying that God would reveal my purpose to me.

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Now, I didn’t know everything but I knew one thing for sure: I didn’t want to wake up toward the end of my life realizing that I wasted it pursuing everything else rather than what God had for me or even pursuing other people’s expectations for my life or my wrongly defined definition of success. It was during that time of prayer and fasting that God revealed to me that my purpose was so much more. It was more than just doing great things or even living a “successful life.”

For so long I believed that my purpose was wrapped up in my passion and the career that I was pursuing. And while there is nothing wrong with desiring a nice lifestyle, a successful career, or meaningful relationships, that is not a biblical approach to purpose. Those things may be connected to our purpose and calling, but they aren’t our purpose in its entirety.

Oftentimes we believe that our purpose is one-dimensional, meaning there is only one facet of our purpose, but the truth is our purpose is an integration of being, doing, and living. No part is meant to be mutually exclusive, and if we’re going to live a purpose-driven life, we must understand God’s purposes for us and what it looks like to carry them out.

That is why I created the On-Purpose Life Class: to teach you the foundations of purpose-driven living and what it really looks like to design a life that you and God love.

So if …

you know that you’re made for more but you’re not sure what that “more” is,

you’ve listened to all the sermons, read all the books, and attended all the conferences but you still have no idea about what your purpose is,

you’re in a place where you believe that you’re confusing your purpose with your passion, role, job, or assignment,

you know what your purpose is on a grand scheme but you don’t know the way that God has uniquely called you to carry your purpose out,

you want to know how your passions, purpose, and calling blend seamlessly together,

This Class is for You!

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Four Week Class

Week 1: The On-Purpose Life

This first week is all about understanding the foundations of purpose and what it means to live an on-purpose life. We’ll be discussing the problems with the world’s approach to purpose and the common misconceptions we tend to believe. By doing this and testing our picture of purpose, we will learn how our purpose fits into God’s master plan and the three levels in which He calls us to carry His purposes out.

Week 2: God-Centered Success

Does success matter to God? Of course it does! But not in the way that you think. This week is all about redefining our definition of success to align with Christ’s. In this class, we’ll look at success from a biblical perspective and how we can live a significant and successful life according to the Word. We'll also dive into how suffering is a part of that plan and how it can be used as one of the greatest tools in birthing our purpose and shaping our success.

Week 3: The Seven Life Purpose Questions Model

Many times we think of our identity, passions, calling, and past experiences as disconnected pieces of our life, but what if I told you that these are the threads that tie our purpose together? In this class, we’ll be going over the model that outlines that the seven questions that point to your purpose. These questions highlight the four core directions that lead to your purpose. We’ll discuss this model as well as the role your purpose plays in completing God’s ultimate mission.

Week 4: The Birthing Place

Before we can discover what God has created us to do and who He has created us to be, we must first understand Whose we belong to. Our perspective of who God is will influence every step we take in our purpose and calling journey. If you want to fulfill your purpose, you have to be surrendered, submitted, and committed to the One who is leading your life. This last class is all about making sure your allegiance is to Him and Him alone.

Hear what the Life Designers have to say…

When I started the On-Purpose Life Class, I was drained, lost, and ready to give up. After each class, I continued to find my voice and my likes and dislikes —what I really desire. By the end of the class, I was free, enlightened, and happy I had a roadmap to follow what my purpose is about, and how I should travel to achieve it.
— Shlonda Blackwell

I enjoyed the On-Purpose Life Class! The lesson plans and homework caused me to reflect on my past that which led me to my purpose with clarity. Janelle has a spiritual approach to aligning women with their God-given purpose in life in a way that allows you to open up and grow in a very personal way.
— El-Regina Harrison


While attending The On-Purpose Life class, I learned more about myself than I thought I would. Sharing the space with wonderful people and a wonderful coach made facing even the painful aspects of my life not so painful. I am truly blessed and grateful to have been a part of something so much bigger than myself. I look forward to what’s to come while walking boldly in my purpose. For those needing guidance through Christ to find your purpose, please give this course a try... you won’t be disappointed.
— Raquel Roberts

I absolutely LOVED the On-Purpose Life Class! I went from kind of thinking I knew my purpose to having way more clarity on so much more than I even knew I needed to know about me, my purpose, and my calling. I wish the class was longer so I could continue to unpack it all!
— Cyndyl McCutcheon

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