How to Stay Focused

How To Stay Focused | Fearfully Fashioned

Do you find yourself automatically scrolling through your Instagram as you start to work, or maybe pausing your writing to catch up on your latest Snaps? If so, then you may have a hard time staying focused.

If you’re anything like I am, sometimes it’s hard for me to remained focus when I have tons of things on my to-do list. I’ll start working on an assignment or a blog post, and somehow my attention has wondered to some form of social media or text message. Can you relate? Distractions are really forms of avoidance mechanisms. They trick us into believing that we must divert our attention to gain some relief from our haunting to-dos. We all have experienced this before. It can be easy to become distracted when you aren’t feeling any motivation or excitement to finish your responsibilities. Although it can be challenging, it’s important to power through them to gain a sense of accomplishment and reward. Here are 5 simple ways to keep you on task. 


Eliminate all distractions. 

It’s so easy to become distracted when you are surrounded by them. If it’s a messy room that you constantly find yourself attending to, get in the habit of keeping it tidy by taking 10 minutes to clean up at the end of every day. Maybe you’re distracted by your phone notifications. Make the 'Do Not Disturb' function your best friend. You can even customize it with a timer! If your phone is a distraction altogether, keep your phone in a separate room while you’re working so you won’t get distracted.


Use a timer. 

Sometimes the idea of doing any type of work is a distraction in itself. Instead of looking at the big picture, break down your to-dos into mini timed tasks. The Pomodoro Technique is a great productivity method that will help you to eliminate distractions and power through tasks in 25 minute intervals. Here is a free app that can help get you started.


Give yourself something to work towards.

Delayed gratification is a great way to incentivize yourself into completing a goal. If you want to binge watch YouTube videos, make it your reward after completing your 30 minute workout. Schedule a mani-pedi after you finished studying for your final. 


Keep your goal in front of you. 

Keep your vision in front of you to keep you going. Whether it’s a picture, a lock screen, or a vision board, make sure that you are looking at your goal everyday to keep everything in perspective. By looking at your goal every day, you are taking the time to manifest its presence in your life.


Remember that you will reap what you sow. 

When you feel like you are reaching your breaking point, remind yourself that the latter will be greater. Success is not for the faint at heart. It comes to those who work hard and remain focused. Your work will not return void. Give it your all and expect the best. 

For some of us, we can easily identify what our distractions are. For others, you may be having a hard time determining what they are and what’s causing them. I’ve made a free worksheet that will help you pin-point your distractions and how you can manage them. Click on the button to get your free download.