How to Push Through A Personal Plateau

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Have you ever made it to a point in your life where you’ve reached a personal plateau? After months and months of working hard in the gym, you’re finally starting to reach your fitness goals. You’re stepping up your workouts, eating cleaner, and you even notice that your waist is a few inches smaller; but for some reason, you can’t shake those final 10 pounds. Or maybe you’ve been perfecting your writing craft. Your storytelling is becoming more captivating, your grammar has been improving, and your word count has skyrocketed, but now you find yourself constantly at a lost of words. Hello, writer's block! You’ve officially hit your plateau.

Every now and then you will find yourself hitting a plateau as you pursue your purpose and goals. You may experience long sprints where your nose is down, you’re working hard, and you’re finally experiencing the fruits of your labor, and then all of sudden there is a halt or a stunt of growth known as the plateau. No matter if you’ve experienced this in your health, education, career, business, or personal or spiritual growth, we've all experienced them at some point. And while they are quite common, they can be tough to push through. If you’re not mindful of when you’re reaching a plateau, you can find yourself stuck in a long period of stagnancy. If you’re here right now, here’s how you can press through. 


1) Identify opportunities for growth.

At this point you’re already aware that something has to change, so start identifying your opportunities for growth. Have you been slacking in certain areas? Are you getting too comfortable with your current process or way of doing things? Has God pointed out certain areas where you need to be developed?  Now is the time to reassess and identify where you need to challenge yourself so you can grow to the next level. 


2) Create a growth plan and strategy. 

Now that you’ve assessed your growing ground by identifying your opportunities, get intentional by creating a growth plan and strategy. The trajectory of your growth is largely determined by your goals and action plans. What goals or objectives do you need to set to hit your target? What action steps or strategies do you need to take in order to get you there? And once you’ve made your plan and have set your strategies, it’s not enough to let them live on paper. Plans don’t become reality until you take action. 


3) Find accountability. 

Accountability ensures that you’re going to do what you say you’re going to do. A good accountability partner holds you accountable to your word. They make sure that you go from dreaming to doing. They are there to encourage you, call out your potential, and push you to the next level. Have you set up an accountability system in your life? While it is good to write down your goals to personally hold yourself accountable, there is nothing like having an actual, real person there to lovingly correct you when you’re heading off track. Consider finding a wise friend, mentor, or even hiring a coach to hold you accountable to your purpose and goals. 


4) Stay focused.

While you’re working through your plateau,  it’s so important that you stay focused by keeping the end goal in mind. Remind yourself of your why. Some great ways to remain focus is to constantly write down or read aloud your goals. Research says that the more you write down or say something aloud, the more likely you are to remember to do it. Another great tip is to keep your goals nearby. Have them sitting out on your desk. Create a visual vision board, or even set your goals as your wallpaper on your phone or desktop. The more reminders you have, the easier it will be to stay focused. 


5) Show yourself grace. 

If you’re working through a personal plateau, don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. Show yourself some grace. No one is perfect; we all have our limitations. But those limitations aren’t there for us to turn inward; they're meant for us to turn upward, looking to the One who is able to do abundantly, exceedingly, and immeasurably more. Exchange your weakness for His strength. Allow His power to be made perfect in you so you can push through. 

We all experience a growth stunt from time to time, but that plateau isn’t permanent -- it is possible to break through. Are you experiencing a personal plateau? Fearfully Fashioned’s One-on-One Coaching Programs have the built-in accountability and strategy designed to take your purpose and goals to the next level. I have a few spots left in each program. Click the button below to apply for a complimentary Clarity Session and I’ll create an action plan with you to help you push through your plateau and grow to the next level.