Courtney Duinker is #FearfullyFashioned

Courtney Duinker is #FearfullyFashioned | Fearfully Fashioned #purposedriven #IAMFearfullyFashioned

Courtney Duinker is #FearfullyFashioned. As a wife to a professional basketball player, she is a health and fitness coach who is super passionate about her health and fitness ministry, Sown With Strength. Previously battling a binge eating disorder, she has been able to overcome her feelings of doubt and inadequacy to fashion her life according to God's unique purpose for her.

Her keen sense of determination and patience to wait on God's perfect timing has allowed her to reap success from what she has sown into her fitness business. When she's not traveling the world cheering her husband on in his sport, you can find her managing her online fitness business, and maybe sneaking a chocolate chip cookie (or two)! Courtney stresses the importance of living "sown with strength," meaning that God has given you all the strength you need. It's just up to you to look within. 

What is your God-given purpose and how are you currently living it out?

I love this question!! How cool that God has given us all purposes right?! For me, my God-given purpose is to use my gifts and abilities for eternity’s purposes. I get the privilege of using my leadership skills and my passion for helping others as an online health and fitness coach! I’m also called to live cross-culturally as a wife to my husband who plays professional basketball around the world. 


What is one of the biggest challenges you had to overcome to pursue your God-given purpose and goals? 

Doubt. As many of us do, I had insecurities and doubts about my ability to do what I felt God was calling me to do. As a health and fitness coach, it’s important that I’m leading by example. In my past, I’ve battled a binge eating disorder and therefore, found nutrition to be an area of weakness for me. However, I fully believe that God’s glory is most prominent through our weaknesses. I’m learning that through the challenge of feeling unqualified, God is teaching me more about HIS power through me! Not to mention how incredibly competitive the fitness world is! I often get intimidated thinking my success is tied to numbers of followers, likes, etc. But even through this doubt of mine, God is proving Himself far greater than the numbers. It's so important that we don’t limit God because of how narrow our vision is.

Courtney Duinker is #FearfullyFashioned | Fearfully Fashioned #purposedriven #IAMFearfullyFashioned


What is your definition of success and stance on failure? 

Wow! This is an interesting question, and I feel like I need to spend some more time really thinking over it because it catches me off guard a little bit! But I think ultimately, my idea of success is living life with purpose, knowing that each moment I’m alive I’m focused on living with eternity as my vision. I want my business, my life, and my relationships to reflect a sold out commitment to my Creator. I think failure would be not using what He’s given me to share the Good News with others!  


If you could go back in time, what is one piece of advice that you would give to yourself?

Wait. Wait on God, and wait on His plans to unfold. God knows the desires of your heart and He will provide above and beyond more than you could even fathom. But if you learn to wait now, waiting later will be a joy, because you’ll know the thing you’re waiting for is worth it! Throughout life, there is always something you will be waiting for; learning to wait well, for God’s glory, is vital. 


What is one of your major characteristics that has contributed to where you are right now?

Determination. I have a one-track, black and white mind/heart when it comes to going after something I want or standing up for something I believe in. I’m not easily swayed or distracted. My determination to see a job through has led me to accomplish really amazing things and build a successful fitness business. I’m so thankful God created me with a determined mind and heart. 


What is your go-to bible verse that keeps you going? 

Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”


Mantra or words to live by.


God has already equipped you with the strength you need. It’s sown into your every fiber. Don’t look outside of you, look within. There you will find what you need to accomplish that which he’s called you too. 


"God has already equipped you with the strength you need."

-Courtney Duinker



Courtney Duinker is #FearfullyFashioned | Fearfully Fashioned #purposedriven #IAMFearfullyFashioned

What’s your favorite personal or spiritual development book/blog?

I love Francis Chan! I’ve read Crazy Love and that’s life-changing, but currently, my husband and I are reading through “You and Me Forever” by him and his wife. It’s intended for married couples but it’s really just a book about the Gospel and how your marriage fits into your calling as a believer. It’s INCREDIBLE!!! 

Courtney Duinker is #FearfullyFashioned | Fearfully Fashioned #purposedriven #IAMFearfullyFashioned


Define what "fashion your life” means to you.

I think “fashion your life” means to make, construct, or build your life to represent the call we’ve received as women of God. It will most likely look different than the world, but I believe it’s a verb; meaning it will require action. 


What advice would you give to women who are also looking to fashion their life according to God’s will and purpose? 

I would encourage them to press into God. Spend daily, quality time with Him. Get to know Him, find HIS vision and learn who He’s made you to be as you gaze on Him and His character. I would encourage women to not be afraid to do life differently! A lot of people think my job is silly or have negative thoughts about it, but the reality is I’m obeying God’s call and fashioning my life to that calling. I need to be bold and sure in that calling over the comfort of others approval. 


What does it mean to know that you are #FearfullyFashioned?  

I think it means you and I were uncommonly created. We have a unique heritage as daughters of the One True King. It came at a price and it holds a different weight than that of just existing. I think when you know this is your identity, you will walk in confidence, freedom and joy. It gives you significance, and isn’t that what we’re all looking for as humans after all?

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