How to Stay Disciplined in Your Work and Studies

How to Stay Disciplined in Your Work & Studies | Fearfully Fashioned #discipline #productivity #FearfullyFashioned

Are you finding that you are having a hard time focusing at your job or school? When you are being haunted by project deadlines, assignments, and meetings it can become difficult to remain disciplined when you are just simply wanting a break. If you're trying to keep your focus in a work or school environment, discipline is key. Discipline allows you to have greater control over yourself so you can have freedom with your time and schedule. Over the years, I have mastered a perfect routine that allows me to stay disciplined and organized throughout my work and school week. Here are my top 4 tips to stay disciplined in your work and studies. 


Write everything down.

  • Monthly-- At the beginning of the month, gather all of of your syllabi or work schedules and write down any quizzes, tests, meetings, and projects for the month. This allows you to have a bird's eye view of what's up and coming for the month.
  • Weekly-- At the beginning of each week, look over your syllabi and work schedule again. Write down all of your assignments or meetings for that week. Weekly planning enables you to have greater control over your week so that you're not scrambling to complete any projects or assignments. 
  • Daily-- Plan the next day at the end of your work or school day. Make a list of the top 3 things that need to be accomplished the next day. Let these tasks be the first thing you work on in the morning. 



It’s easier to stay focused on the task at hand when you have a routine on autopilot. Find your most productive hour of the day and build your routine around that time. If you have a stable schedule, create a consistent routine that will help you optimize your most productive hours. 


work in time blocks.

See how much you can get done in a certain block of time. Decide from 9am to 12pm that you're going to tackle research for your paper, or maybe take 12 to 2pm to knock out your client work. Whatever you do, make sure that you are scheduling actionable tasks to be done during that time period. Style blogger, Mattie James, has created a great planner, called Slay Your Day, where you can section your day into "Daily Quadrants," to make the most out of your schedule. 


Resist the urge to procrastinate. 

Procrastination is basically just a fancy word for an avoidance mechanism. Figure out why you are harboring so much anxiety and resistance towards your work and studies, and then develop a game plan to overcome it. If you need more help on eliminating procrastination, you can download your free guide here

"Becoming disciplined in your work and studies requires intentional action to create effective change."

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Action Tip: Implement discipline into your routine this week. Write down everything you want to accomplish this week and build your schedule/routine around accomplishing those tasks. 


How do you stay disciplined in your work or studies? Let me know in the comments below.