Got Faith? Choosing Faith Over Fear

Got Faith? Choosing Faith Over Fear| Fearfully Fashioned #faith #spiritualdevelopment #FearfullyFashioned

Hypocrite….that’s actually who a lot of us are. Hypocrites. Claiming we are one thing, but we are really another. I know you may say I’m being harsh, but it’s very true. We claim that we believe that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. We claim that we believe in ourselves. We claim that we have faith in our dreams, but do you really? Because actions speak louder than words. And if your actions are speaking, that means that you are having thoughts that are fueling those actions.

So let’s examine those thoughts. Oftentimes, when we set our mind to do something, everything arises to counteract that goal. We will call those things purpose blockers/haters. And the sad thing is that not only can people serve as those purpose blockers, but we ourselves can serve as those too.

In our bodies we have natural defense mechanisms that will start to attack foreign substances that are injected into our bodies. The same thing is true for our mind! Because our minds want us to be comfortable, we will reject and put up defenses to the things that can move us forward. Why? Because we want to be comfortable! That’s why although you claim you have faith in yourself, you have not taken the time to replace those natural fearful thoughts with thoughts of faith and belief.

Your thoughts are the number one thing that contribute to your actions. Your thoughts produce emotions, emotions produce actions, and your actions produce results. I can almost guarantee you that if you’re not seeing any results, it’s because you are being stifled by fearful thoughts. 

What are you doing to cast down those thoughts? Because the number one predictor of your results is your thoughts. If you are telling yourself that you are capable and you can do all things, then you will achieve your goals because your mind has already produced the action by thinking it. You can’t say you have faith in yourself but you are too afraid to make a step forward or to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


"Choose faith over fear."



Faith says that, "I can do all things."


Fear says that,"I can't."


Faith says that, "I am equipped and capable."


Fear says that, "I’m not good enough."


Faith says that, "my vision will be birthed."


Fear says that, "My dreams are too big to happen." 


Faith says that, "I will push past the fear."


Faith says, "Why even bother?"


So what do your actions say about you?…..Got faith? 


What fear are you exchanging for faith? Let me know in the comments below.