5 Daily Devotional Blogs for Purpose Driven Women

5 Daily Devotional Blogs for Purpose Driven Women | Looking to spice up your quiet time routine with daily devotionals? Here are 5 daily devotional blogs that I read to switch up my quiet time routine. Click here to read or pin to save it to your board for later.

My quiet time has always been a sacred time. I live to have small pockets of time to connect with God. Even when I was a little girl, I was so eager to spend time with Him. I think what I loved most about meeting with Him was that it provided me an outlet to do one of my favorite hobbies, reading. Reading took me into a world where even then, I could connect with God on a whole other level. I would take my Young Women of Faith Bible (the throwback version) and sit for hours at His feet. Although I loved reading the Word, what I looked forward to the most was the weekly devotionals at the end of every few chapters. The devotionals were full of real life examples and stories that made God’s Word fresh and applicable to my life at that young age. For that reason, today they are one of my favorite tools for quiet time. 


I usually break out a devotional when I want to mix up my quiet time routine. While I personally feel like you get the best understanding and knowledge of God’s Word by diving in and actually studying the Bible, sometimes devotionals help to make the Word a little more relatable.


Personally, I love a physical devotional. As a bibliophile, there’s just something about smelling and holding a hardcopy (I’m currently working through 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer & Doer), but most of my devotional reading is now done online. If you are interested in adding a devotional to your quiet time routine, here are some devotional blogs that I frequent. 



"5 Daily Devotional Blogs for Purpose Driven Women"




She Reads Truth

I came across She Reads Truth during my early days at Howard. Back when I was in undergrad, the blog really made my quiet time doable with daily devotionals and readings of God’s Word. Unlike a lot of devotionals that just skim across scripture, She Read Truth provides a more thorough discussion and in-depth Bible reading for those who are looking to go deeper into God’s Word. It’s similar to the Bible app in which they have many devotional plans you can choose from (books of the Bible and themes too). You can read it on your computer, use the app on your phone or tablet, or even order a physical copy of their beautifully photographed and curated devotionals. The app can be downloaded in both the App and Google Play Store.



Quite Women Co. 

I also discovered Quite Women Co. while I was in undergrad. Quite Women Co. is an online community of over 50,000 women who desire to be “quite the women God would have for them to be.” The community was founded by singer-songwriter and author, Morgan Harper Nichols. Through social media, Morgan and her team of writers provide daily, bite-sized devotionals on Instagram that make it extremely easy to spend time God. If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram first thing in the morning, Quite Women Co. makes it easy to get in your daily dose of God while catching up on your Instagram feed. On the website you can find in-depth devotionals in the form of free e-books and downloadable worksheets. 



Whole Magazine 

Whole Magazine is an online publication that focuses on "restoring women to wholeness through the love of Jesus Christ.” With topics that cover faith, marriages & relationships, family & parenting, singleness, lifestyle, and teen living, Whole Magazine provides devotional content for every woman regardless of her stage in life. What I love the most about the magazine is that they have a beautiful app that highly concentrates on their devotional content, scripture reading plans, and community. This app is also available for download in the App and Google Play store. 




I just recently discovered IF:Gathering, an organization of women who “gather, equip, and unleash women to live out their calling." Similar to She Reads Truth, IF:Gathering has devotional plans that you can choose from to study God’s Word. I believe their app is the best way you can engage with their devotional content. Not only do they have video teachings that coincide with their daily devotionals, they also have a community of small groups that gather across the United States. This app is also available on the App and Google Play Store. 



Proverbs 31 Ministries

Proverbs 31 Ministries is a non-profit Christian ministry that specifically uses Proverbs 31:10-31 to guide and equip women in their relationship with Christ. Proverbs 31 Ministries also offers daily devotions on their website and through their app, First 5. First 5 was just released within the last year. The app encourages women to devote the first five minutes of their day to spending time with God. It includes an alarm that wakes you up to a five minute scriptural teaching, while offering you a place to go deeper and reflect on the first few moments of your day. You can find the app available for download in the App and Google Play Store.



I love using devotionals to add a fresh perspective to my Bible study. There are tons of great devotionals out there to add a fresh approach to your quiet time routine. 



What devotionals do you read? Add them to the list in the comments below.